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Performed by Within Temptation

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The mad side of religion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/13

I think the song is about how men can get mad because of religion. Holy wars, as if a war could be holy or such, let men do the worst things at all, and that's because in holy wars your enemy is not just the citizen of another country, s/he is the devil and must be eliminated, s/he is not a person and does not own rights.

I really don't think the Latin words are right. And that's because your translation is surely wrong: it should be (but it's nosense):
(Et)And there's (est) a sign (signum--> it cuold easily be a sound).
The moment/Chance (Dies--> dies may mean not "day" but "chance" "right moment") is given (data est)(the word "dies" is often a female word so it should be "dies data").
Et (and, but it could be "e"--> from)in the darkness (tenebris)
Through my fault (Mea culpa--> "Confiteor") the tale (fabula) is done (verb: ago, egi, actum, agere, to do, to complete, to take to an end), I die (pereo).

My Opinion on this Song | Reviewer: Sammy | 6/6/12

Love dis song. Within Temptation is actually duh best Goth Metal band out all the female metal bands love her saprano vocals. Dey should have made a music video 4 the song or a single..... did they make acoustic version 4 dis???

Latin at the end | Reviewer: Malachy Grapes | 5/2/12

Hi everyone. I think that the last words of the song are:

"Et est signum dies datus et tenebris
Mea culpa acta est fabula pereo"

I'm not sure about the meaning, but it is something similar to this:

"This is the sign given to the darkness.
It's my fault - ?"

OF course, good song (not in my top10 of WT, but still a nice one!); I wanna highlight Sharon's spectacular voice, as always. She simply rocks.

Similarities | Reviewer: Hill | 9/14/11

When I hear this song i always think of Season of the Witch. Most of the lyrics go along what some of the characters are going through and the messages sent in the movie. In general I highly think this song has to do with the Crusades.

Personal Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/26/11

This has a non-Crusade meaning to me. Everytime I listen to this song, I think about how I would let my friends bring me down spiritually, telling myself that it was for God, because I was going to convert them... eventually. That "justified the means". The "cruelty of the beast" is the fact that after a while, I wasn't even trying to convert them. When they are shouting "Forgive me my sins!", that seems like a desperate cry to be forgiven of what I did.

Yes, a sequel in a certain sense: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/11

It is critical to note the use of the word "deceiver" and the lack of capitalization in the word "him". The narrator is "killing" not other people in the name of God, but parts of herself for a lover and discovers it is wrong. See also "Deceiver of Fools" by Within Temptation and "Judas" by Lady Gaga. Of course I suppose a religious context could also be implied, but I didn't get that it was meant to be.

The wrongs of every religion | Reviewer: Sara | 4/3/11

After reading many reveiws about this song, I have to agree, this was made based on the evils of the crusades. However in current times I think it also covers the whole aspect of relgion, and how people use it for their own personal gain. It isn't just catholic or christian, there are always people bent on using a faith to fullfill their own greed.

Hell, this song could be about the witch trials, all that blood shed for the most idiotic of reasons, and in salem because of a few girls to afraid to admit they danced in the woods. Also another relgious practice (a dead one) that comes from the old roots of ireland where a man is put into exile because he is given the job to eat the sins of the freshly dead. So much war, death, and suffering is based on greedy individuals using the faith of others to satisfy their gluttony. In the end it would seem. this song is about how blind people can be when religion is the reason. I'm not saying relgion is bad, I'm religous. But it saddens me when people bash each other even though each relgion has so much in common.

In defense of our brothers | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/11

This song, to me, is about Holy Wars, probably the Crusades. It seems like it is about a soldier knowing what is being done is wrong. I would not say it is about the war against terror fir it is not a religious war it is about securing the freedoms of a country.

umm | Reviewer: rhiannon | 1/18/11

this is about the crusades i can see how u would think the davinci code but if u actually read up on the crusades one of the mane symbols of the crusaders was the rose. and the fact shes talking about heaven and justifying, those people slaughtered thousands so many lives lost for nothing, it was cruel. they were told that it was their way to heaven that it was for god. nothing but lies.

daVinci Code | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/10

I agree. I think that makes sense. I went to see them play live once and before she sang this, Sharon talked about it, but I couldn't hear her much over the noise of people yelling. But it would make sense to me if it were about the daVinci Code. Great album. <33

Actually... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/10

Actually, while there are echoes of the Crusades, this song was inspired by The daVinci Code. Note the title, Truth Beneath the Rose. Now these lines from the DaVinci Code:
It hides *beneath the rose*
Under ancient Roslin (rose line)
The context in which the songs title is used in the lyrics--is it a sin to seek the truth/The truth beneath the rose--is very reminiscent of the daVinci Code in and of itself.
Alas, I do not know the meaning of the last lines in Latin. I'm sure it would be interesting.

I love this song...and yes, I am a Christian | Reviewer: singwhatyoucan'tsay | 5/19/10

I love songs that are about history, like "Creek Mary's Blood" by Nightwish, which is about the Native Americans being removed from their homeland during the 1830's,but that's another topic...

I think this song is about the Crusades. It's my favorite on The Heart of Everything. The vocals are beautiful, and so is the music. I would like to know what the Latin means, does anybody know?

wow. people responded to my review! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/09

cool! i asked a question a while ago, and people tried to awnser it! i thought it would get ignored...
but, cool!
(i did the 'song sequal?' review, and i still stand by my hunch.)
Within Temptation is a great band, keep it up!

Its about JW | Reviewer: YO | 9/3/09

Could be about Jehova's Witnesses. Someone who was disfellowed for accepting a blood transfusion and is talking about the real truth that she founds beneath the "love" that the organization offers.

No longer i can justify the bloodshed in his name
How can blood be our salvation and justify the pain

The Truth Beneath The Rose | Reviewer: Nemo | 8/25/09

I read somewhere that this song was inspired in "The Da Vinci Code" (I think it was Wikipedia), and if you notice, several meanings of the story are implied in the lyrics. Furthermore, I also agree with relating this song to the Crusades. So, well, it is still a masterpiece.

Well, it doesn't mean the novel itself is real, Dan Brown writes what is bombastic! He likes to sell, that's why he writes all these conspiracies. WT might have inspired in the book to write, just like they have inspired in Braveheart so many times.

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