I love it ! | Reviewer: Dj Online | 6/17/07

Also view this beautiful clip, it's better that above.

THIS SONG MADE ME CRY! | Reviewer: BadlyDrawnSofi | 6/16/07

And I haven't cried in years! Its a truly amazing song. I'd never heard of Within Temptation before, but Sharon Den Adel's voice is truly inspiring! This band is relatively unknown, but they deserve to be heard a lot more than someone like 50 cent.

Simply...AWESOME!!!! | Reviewer: Paola | 6/14/07

I listened to WT 4 the st time last yr on my fav radio...They played "Memories" and I liked it inmediatly...I thought they were a ballad performing band,until I started listening to more of their material and discovered they were so dark and gothic! Just my style!!!! I downloaded as much files I could find, and I just listened to them this last weekend...This song included...It made me cry...Just like Memories did...Awesome song, beautiful lyrics...I'm glad they're from The Netherlands...My 2nd home! :)

Amazing. | Reviewer: Alexandra | 6/11/07

I put this song on my VF profile, and I agree with many people; her voice is beautiful, as are her songs.

Amazing.. | Reviewer: Vale | 5/29/07

Before listening to this song, I used to think about WT with pleasure but not with a real passion for them. Now, I see every their song in a different way.. maybe because this song is absolutely AMAZING and I first listened to it witha very special person.. anyway, it's the best WT song ever!!

Somewhere - Within Temptation | Reviewer: BlinD | 5/21/07

Unlike the most here I am male .. .And This Song is just .. INCREDIBLE.... I simply love it ... Some of the "true goths " (twats ) will say that WT suck because they are famous.. But the only reason they are famous is cause they are so f**kin greatttttttttt ..

Love Ya All

Never in my life have I heard something so beautiful!!! | Reviewer: Emerald_eyes | 5/11/07

I listened to this song for the first time & it took my breath away!!! I listen to it at least once a day now. If you like the song... watch the video - it has so much meaning (Watch it - you'll see what I mean)

Cut & paste the link below into your browser to audio stream:

Oh no.. | Reviewer: Argendriel | 4/26/07

A Plot Bunny bit me while reading the lyrics. No I'll have to write a songfic....

I love it! | Reviewer: Katie | 4/19/07

This song is amazing. I wish I had this woman's voice; it's beautiful!
The lyrics and the music itself are just great. It makes me happy, what with all the successful singers and bands these days that suck horribly and don't deserve the popularity. (I could go into a long list, but it'd piss people off. ^^;)
Within Temptation is one of my favorite bands.

... | Reviewer: Lucie , CZ | 4/14/07

It just takes my breath away as well as the others song of this fantastic band ...
Is it sung by a human? No ..It´s angel !!!!!!!

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/07

Whenever I hear this song it makes me want to cry because I can relate to it. In a way I think everyone can relate to it. It's sung beautifully and the lyrics (unlike a lot of todays) actually mean something. It gives me hope...

i love them too | Reviewer: Esther | 3/20/07

I love WT! this song is one of the best songs ever!
my favorite is Julian(I'd give my heart.. but this song makes me dream ... i love it!

love it*** | Reviewer: Nataly | 2/19/07

I love this song I heared it ones and that just enough to adore and love(L) this song and every other songs from within temptation love yah WIT!!! 4 ever your my favorite band !!

Simply Incomparable!!! | Reviewer: TKM | 2/11/07

I know WT for quite some time and have to say it's simply the best band i've ever listened to! They're just incomparable! And "Somewhere" is such a beautiful song! It's my favourite besides "Wish you were here", "See who I am", "Frozen", "Memories" and "It's the fear"!!!

Pleasantly unique sound | Reviewer: Josh | 5/1/06

Few bands can compare with the mature, uplifting, and purely emotive sound that Within Temptation posseses.
This song is a perfect example of the incredibly haunting sound that only a singer of Sharon den Adel's calibur can achieve. The lyrics for this song, as well as many of their other hits (Angel, Wish You Were Here, Destroyed, Memories, etc.) are fantastic.
Within Temptation is simply amazing!