loved this song | Reviewer: katie | 12/16/07

This song is so wonderful. I have listened to it countless times and still it makes me cry. the first time i heard was when i got a bulletein about a mother losing her baby to SBS. It is so sad, but one of the best songs i have ever heard. I now love the band within temptation :)

God | Reviewer: cristina | 12/16/07

Like the two before me I received the same post. There are no words for the horror that has been comitted. To hurt something so innocent is beyond disgusting. The song is beautiful but the cause more important. Spred the word and help stop the violence.

WOW | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/07

i also first heard this song through a bulletin on ms about a mother losing her baby to SBS. this song is sad beyond control but i absolutely am addicted to this song(:

LOVED IT! | Reviewer: Aleesa | 12/14/07

i heard this song from a bulletein about a girl who lst her baby from SBS and i lived the song.
it was so sad!!
i wanted to cry..its a wonderful song hear.

Beautiful! | Reviewer: Alicia | 12/14/07

I also just heard this song yesterday and it was playing in the background. It was about a mother who lost her only daughter to Shaken Baby Syndrome and being a mother myself I just can't seem to get past the fact that she had to loose her daughter because the person who was her care taker could not handle her crying or something else. The bulletin touched me in so many ways and I just love this song. God Bless all of the children that cannot defend themselves against the people who do not care! You will always be in my prayers! London Marie will always be in my prayers along with her mother!!!

Amazing.... | Reviewer: Beej | 12/13/07

.... heartwrenching, but absolutely beautiful. I, too, just heard this song for the first time today, in the same forward about a girl who lost her baby to Shaken Baby Syndrome, as the person below me did.

It gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it, and now I can't stop listening to it!

I just wish I had heard it in something besides the poor baby who lost her life to a scumbag, because that's what I will always associate it with.

LOVED IT | Reviewer: MO | 12/10/07

I heard this song on a fwd I received about a mother who lost her baby to SBS.. I loved it soo much I went out and bought the album.. If you like this song, you would probably like most of the songs by a band called PLUMB!


it was alittle sad but good | Reviewer: steph | 11/29/07

it reminds me of my grandmother and i thought it was a great song and i thought it was a sad and mysterious song though but i love this song its one of my favorite songs and i love the band within temptation... :)...

Hook, Line and Sinker | Reviewer: Eternal Stranger | 11/29/07

I was only recently introduced to this band by a dear friend, and in the short time since I started listening to them, I have become hooked! This song is one of the most beautiful I have heard- the pathos it evokes is almost a work of art. Lyrics and melody are soul-meltingly haunting. Written straight from the heart. Me love!

the true love is in this song | Reviewer: soha | 11/12/07

it is the only song which decribes the relationship between two lovers and someone is missing special one in his or her life

mysterious | Reviewer: baash | 11/9/07

no words can discribe ma feelings when i listen to this song i just can tell one thing: when i listen to this song i find ma self i find my own mysterious world inside it \m/

Awsome! | Reviewer: Emily | 10/17/07

This song is so magial...! I try so hard to sing like her but its almost IMPOSSIBLE!! This song is just amazing!

=) | Reviewer: Robinmarie | 10/17/07

This song is very good. I love listening to it whenever i feel really down about someone very close to me who has passed. And recelty someone else i have loved very dearly leaving my life so suddenly. Somewhere i will find them. Somewhere

Waiting... | Reviewer: Kiki | 10/14/07

I recently started listening to Within Temptation and love the vocals and all around sound. This song is truly beautiful because it can fit numerous situations. I have yet to find the perfect guy for me, I know I have time but each second feels like forever and I know it sounds corny but hey... that's just me. I'm waiting to find him, someday.

This song..... | Reviewer: Do I have to? | 10/13/07

This song is so sweet and I listen to it everytime something bad goes on in my life. And it just helps me feel better for some reason. But I absolutly love this song and I first heard it when I watched a video. :P Lol, I know it's a weird way, but it's my fav song ever since.