I miss you. | Reviewer: Morgan:ena | 10/12/07

For two people, My sister who was killed in an accident on the 22nd of October three years ago. She was 13. Wherever you are Emma, rest in peace.
The only man I ever loved, Luke, wherever you are, I love you, I cannot stop, for some reason. Although you will never read this, I wish you peace on whatever journy you are on now. Be at Peace. Somewhere.

Amazing | Reviewer: Sandra | 10/9/07

This group is amazing. She sings beautiful, and the lyrics are so great. Many of their songs are so beautiful, and I listen to them when I'm sad, or I'll get sad when I listen to them, because it feels like those feelings doesn't exist towards me.. Just within me. But I truly love this song.
I dedicate it to my boyfriend..

i love it | Reviewer: brad | 9/27/07

my firend was aboused prity much by his mom and his dad had left them and fianly we called hrs and htey took him but it was right before we moved and i never found out hwere his new place was and i havent talked to him in a long time so i dedicate this song to him

Lovely | Reviewer: Teht | 9/25/07

I tend to listen to this song when im down or alone or just broke up with my GF, just like recently :/. Because this song bascially says how I fell most of the times. I know it is a cheap comment, but I absolutely love this band.

Love this song! | Reviewer: Starla | 9/10/07

This song is especialy inportant and beloved to anyone who is is missing someone special in thier lifes.

I miss my parents so I dedicate this song to them.

CLICK THE URL | Reviewer: madalyn | 9/8/07

if you loike this song--like me :)--then click this url and watch the video on horse slaughter on u tube--a-mazzing--i was bawling--almost

hehe. please watch and stop slaughter!!

Wow | Reviewer: Kairi | 8/31/07

Wow. This is a really touching song. I've listened to it many times, and every time the song finishes, I HAVE to replay it. It's so touching. Beautiful song, beautiful and meaningful words. I absolutely love it!

Madeleine | Reviewer: madison | 8/14/07

Madeleine McCann is a 3 yr old who was abducted while vacationing in Portugal. She has been missing for 102 days. Many people have dedicated this song to her. There is still hope for finding her. This song seems like it was written for her because this is how her family feels. This is a beautiful song.

wow | Reviewer: lucy | 8/11/07

this just has to be the most wonderful song i have ever heard. it was on you tube on the madeleine mccann clip. watch it.. its so moving.. almost brings you to tears.

Wow | Reviewer: Key | 8/3/07

I'm a new listener to this group, and it's songs like this that make me love them so much. I'm a total sucker for a key change. Heh heh. Beau-ti-ful.

Spiffy | Reviewer: Becca | 8/3/07

This song is so pretty! I must've listened to this song a billion times and i'm still not tired of it! i usually tire of songs quickly but not for this. Also Memories is pretty too...^^

beautiful | Reviewer: tori | 7/31/07

i love this kid me and him are really close and this song is great i would sing this song to him cause i will never stop searching for him

A beautiful song... | Reviewer: Melody | 7/16/07

This song is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard...I am a Christian and many songs that are Christian fill me up with the holy spirit yet this song is not even Christian yet it still fills me with that same spirit...in other words I'm saying this song is a very powerful song yet still sounds fragile at the same time...love it!!

pretty... | Reviewer: Zee | 7/12/07

This song is so pretty, i totally love it. I think i've listened to it atleast a gazilion times already. It gives me shivers...not many songs have that affect on me. "stand my ground" would have to be another awsum song by WT. <3

This is so awesome! | Reviewer: Hana | 6/21/07

I just love this song...it's so beautiful and I can relate to it so much!