Oh God!! | Reviewer: Rachel | 1/20/10

This song and the movie "What dreams may come" are the ones that desrcibe perfectly my life...and everything what is related to mee...and I am keeping trying..and I will try "until my dying end"..God!!..How perfect can a song be?... and the most weired is that I am not a big fan of this type of music....but this band's songs touch my heart... Despide of pretending to be a strong and an equilibrated person, i am so weak..and sesnible.. and depressed... and in need of support and love...Thank you for the song...for the miracle..

Beautiful Lyrics | Reviewer: Meg-e | 1/13/10

My boyfriend passed away last year due to a brain tumour, anytime i hear this song it reminds me of him especially this line ' Almost hope you're in heaven so no one can hurt your soul'. I still love him and miss him.. r.i.p Mark (U) x

Good song | Reviewer: Chaotic-Cat | 11/12/09

This is probably there best song. I love it so much. Even though they wrote the lyrics wrong here as it's not 'Whatever it takes me to go'. Replace 'go' with 'know' and you've got right lyrics to a beautiful song.

Somewhere | Reviewer: shadowhorse | 10/11/09

I still love my exboyfriend, but we're not together any more, and a few weeks ago, he didn't go home from the university and no-one has seen him until that day, we don't know where he is and I burst into tears whenever I hear this song, because I'm so worried about him...

Touched | Reviewer: Kif | 10/4/09

I love this song, it has a special meaning to me that makes me hold it close to my heart. My best friend is trying to fight off suicidal thoughts, and when she's not battling those she's trying not to cut herself. She's lost so far in the dark and I love her so much; I've already promised her that I'll do anything & everything I can to help her find her way back to where she belongs. :(

i adore this song!! | Reviewer: lauz | 9/29/09

i listen to this because the guy i've fallen for has gone off 2 uni and i listen to this song in the evenings when im missing him like crazy an hes out partying. i love this song and i really miss my fella :(
within temptation are amazing, and this song + angel are my all time faves!!

Amazing | Reviewer: Kitkat | 8/5/09

This song got me the closest to tears that any song ever has - and that's saying something. XD I don't cry easily. I absolutely adore this adore this adore this askdfjdlksj I don't think I can say much more. It's so beautiful and heartbreaking and just aaaaaah amazing. :D

Beautiful | Reviewer: Expired_Bliss | 6/9/09

I met the most perfect girl and we had to part because i had to move and she said to listen to this song and i can see why and for those of you reading this thinking "thats so sad" i promised her i would return to her when i can, so there is hope :) but until that day i will miss her tremendously :(

Chainfire | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/09

Ever read the book "Chainfire" by Terry Goodkind? This is exactly the quest of Richard to find Kahlan... And as the book made me cry, the song made me cry too, because I remembered the book as I listened the song.

this song... | Reviewer: Sarahh X3 | 12/15/08

i think this song is BEAUTIFUL...laugh all u want,,but its true...
the lyrics really touched me..i almost cried 4 the 1st time in 5 yrs(which iz wierd as im 13)..
the lyrics i understand what the lyrics mean...
i dont usually lisen 2 gothic chick bands..
im a more screamo metal rock chick..
but i found another style of music...n it SOOOOOOO beats tht RnB shit(<---ma bad...)

yay! | Reviewer: Channie | 12/12/08

I think this is one of my favorite of their songs... Symphonic metal bands with chick singers are growing in popularity, which is awesome. For people who liked this band, I recommend Nightwish, Nemesea, Delain, Stream of Passion, and I think that's it...

(As much as I like this song, I do not want to be 'berried' with it... No offense to the dude below me, just thought it was funneh. Didn't cry for 10 minutes straight either.)

the song | Reviewer: kidwicca | 12/8/08

This song is so awsome I was looking 4 a song one night and out of no where this song comes out. I listen the first time and then 3 more. Its just so powerful its 1 of the best lost love songs I ever heard because of this song I started 2 listen 2 them. I think when I die I wanna be berried with this song.

awesome | Reviewer: Adi | 11/17/08

This song reminds me of my childhood."I'll find you somewhere
I'll keep on trying until my dying day
I just need to know whatever has happened,
The truth will free my soul"-refer to my father who died 9years ago(commited suicide),the fact is that i'have never accepted his death and i thought that one day i'll find him.thus when i listen to 'somewhere' i remember about my childish stupid beliefs,that one day i'll bring my dad back home.This song is simply superb.

somewhere | Reviewer: phamvantho | 10/23/08

this song is so amazing. i can hear it everywhere, everytime.especially when i upset,when i feel lonely, i alway thinking about god, thinking about my way to return to his home.
"Living in agony 'cause I just do not know
Where you are"
god is allway in my heart!

Very good song, | Reviewer: Spartacus | 10/7/08

Have to say that this song is pretty amazing but, " it has power and meaning unlike most songs and will bring tears to even a man. I cried for a straight 10 minutes upon hearing the songs. the lyrics, pitch...everything is perfect." C'mon dude, No offence to the typical Emo here or there but you do take it to the next level, Seriously dude, Get your head checked if your crying about a song like this, Im wondering what you'd be like with Enya.. I Hear thats very.. Touching? Lol ..