A Song for Soulmates | Reviewer: Ylena | 7/27/13

This song makes me think of my soulmate. I only met him in dreams in this current life, but in all of our pasts lives we were lovers. Now I have to search for him, but I don't know where to look and I don't even know what his face will look like this time... This song makes me sad and help me at the same to keep faith and always hope.
Leo, please, wait for me

il keep on ,,,,,, | Reviewer: chuchu yalie | 3/1/13

its been a years since i have lost my girl frend my true love,,,, lost and confuse am wondering in agony ,,,,,no matter what ill hv you back in my arms again,,,,,,,A,,v,,,i,,,n,,o

beautifull <3 | Reviewer: tsukixchi | 1/23/13

my friend introduced me to this song. we where being depressed together and she said i needed to listen to this. i listend to it and i creid my father died last year and it reminded me of evereting. how i feel, i thougt at that moment that she wrote this song fot me!

Mildly Bemused | Reviewer: The White Phoenix | 2/14/12

Firstly, this song is beautiful, and I have always, always, loved it.... but what is with all of the comments about religion? Are music lyrics becoming a place to 'save souls' now? Your religion isn't the only way, regardless of what you may think... and many, such as myself, find religions that, while according to the Bible "condemn" us, grant us peace and unity with the creator and the world. By the by, look up the deity Mithra - you just may be surprised that the story of Christ was told thousands of years before he was born...

ANYWAY. All of that aside. Amazing song, WT is one of the best bands around for relating emotions, and they always inspire me. Blessed Be.

I'll find the truth | Reviewer: AnimeDream23 | 8/4/11

This song I like because it reminds me of searching for truth about Christ's doctrine. Y'know, searching for Christ to get to know him and stuff. Determination got me there. ^^ I can see how it reminds others of a relationship too, of course. It just means something different to me. :)

Over all it's a beautiful song. I love the tone of the lady singer's voice. Soft, gentle, and sad-like to this song. :)

My promise to myself. | Reviewer: Destiny | 2/10/11

That's what this song is for me. My promise to myself. Have you ever had one of those epiphanies when you've realized just how messed up you are? I left myself behind somewhere, and now I have to find me, no matter what.

Sadness | Reviewer: Embarr the dragon | 1/29/11

My best friend from kindergarten now hates me for life because of what i did in forth grade. I am now in sixth grade, and she is on my team in school. Our team hosted a talent show, and i sang this song and was crying the whole time. So was she. Then it was her turn, and she sang a song with the same kind of meaning. We were both crying at recess. But the next day, she went up to me and said (with tears in her eyes) it's over. And she ran away crying. I stood there and felt like i was in a movie because the wind was blowing through my hair and leaves were being whipped up around me as one tear fell from my eye and i looked down.

I drew a picture and here's what i wrote under it. (because i'm really a dragon and she used to think she was a unicorn)

Maybe... a dragon and a unicorn... can't be friends.

Somewhere reviewing from Lizz ;D | Reviewer: lizz | 12/27/10

This song is gorgeous I think it's meaning to be searching for a lost love...and wanting to reunite with him or her because you love them so much <3
Anyone want to be email buddies and discuss WT -> l_benavides_07@live.com

god loves you! | Reviewer: Monica | 5/11/10

God loves you no matter what your going through! He can even help you through your troubles. Get to know him! Pick up a Bible, and get to know him! I suggest read Matthew and John. He will help you, and he loves you like you've never been loved before!!

John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life!

Amaru... | Reviewer: singwhatyoucan'tsay | 5/6/10

I felt like I had to respond to your comment.

Jesus loves you and He wants you to know Him. Pick up a copy of the Bible and turn to John 3:16.

Here's the verse I mentioned:
"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life."

I will pray for you.

I want to embrace you | Reviewer: Amaru | 4/21/10

and never let you go...

It's too hard. Too difficult. I don't know it anymore. I have thougt about kill myself, but I wont do that... I just need to know, is there someone out there who will love me?

The truth will set me free, I won't stop searching

huh | Reviewer: huh. | 2/2/10

Is this comment board the gathering place for people with really depressing problems? I just wanna let you all know its gonna be okay someday. Trust me on this; no matter how much your existence sucks, it can get better. And Ignore how cheesy that sounds.

haha... i'm ranting now | Reviewer: warped child | 2/1/10

oh jeez... I want to do something about our problems... I wish I had some authority... then I would be much more at ease... but I have to do something! it's unbearable! until then, though, I stick to my way-to-depresing-for-an-eleven-year-old novels. But until I do have that authority I'm craving like dark chocolate, I'd like to ask you to do something.

I can't find the way | Reviewer: warped child | 1/31/10

you know me from my review below this somewhere. I always thought "I'm so sad. no one will know my pain. I want to die. no one will understand..." but as I read these reviews, I realized others have it so much worse, and skulking will get me nowhere. I say it's time to take a stand!

why am I so lost? | Reviewer: warped child | 1/29/10

I dumped my boyfriend recently...at night his sad bright eyes haunt me. But I didn't really love him, even though I wanted to. I feel an emptiness. No one will probably ever read this, but I want to say this: I dream of the one boy I will love. He will always stay in my dreams, and he will always give me a reason to go on. I know I will never meet him. But I still dream of that one happily ever after. And maybe I will dream until that day.