| Reviewer: Miranda McKennitt | 9/15/08

I was told by Adel to listen to this song in a lucid dream sent by faeries in which I was *in the same body with her* (it did feel a bit like a demonic possesion at first) and we were in love embracing every cell and fiber of our mortal coil moving and feeling each other's movement in ecstasy of togetherness. When we were going to separate she told me to listen to the song "Somewhere" which I did right after I woke up. Spooky! :-) Read the lyrics then my dream description...

Awesome............... | Reviewer: Lijo | 9/13/08

This song reminds me of a mother-child relationship........
Mother lost her child somewhere......and she s searching 4 him......Wow this one touches "I ll keep on trying until my dying day".....She wishes her child 2 be safe where ever he is now........Very gud
lyrics n its sang beautifully...........WT ROCKZ!!!

gorgeous | Reviewer: K | 8/29/08

I was so in love with Angels I had to get the other songs, and this one is beautiful too.
And it does make me tear up a little ;_;
The Within Temptation lyrics are always really haunting...I need to go look for some of the Heart of Everything songs.

tear-jerkingly beautiful | Reviewer: reviewer | 8/29/08

first of all, I got goosebumps from this song right when I heard it. this has to be the best song I have ever heard. it has power and meaning unlike most songs and will bring tears to even a man. I cried for a straight 10 minutes upon hearing the songs. the lyrics, pitch...everything is perfect. this is a wonderful group.

It's not often... | Reviewer: Robin | 7/26/08

It's not often I feel emotion over something like a song, I am the usual sterotypical male when it comes to many things. But where I differ is my emotions, many of whom where buried under a wall of rage that I built for self defense. But this song amazingly speaks to what is left of what I thought was lost to me, there are times I wish I could cry, and this song came to as close as any in 10 years. A wonderful song and it was a pleasure to listen to it, shame I just found it now.

OMG! | Reviewer: Breno | 7/24/08

When I first hear this song I almost cried (a sensation that I only felt related with a song when I heard All I Ask You, the song Raoul and Christine sing together in the Phantom of the Opera, at my cousin's wedding). But Somewhere... Everytime I listen to this song I remember what is to be in love with someone...

Love | Reviewer: Francie | 7/18/08

I heard this song not too long ago and i've seen so many videos made for it i have a few favorites but, i kinda dedicate it to myself. I had this boyfriend whom just disappeared one day, haven't found him yet, but I'll keep on trying.

Somewhere | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/08

I heard this son on YouTube about a little girl who was abducted
I heard this song, and since no one knew what happened to her, it fit perfectly
and when I heard it was from Within Temptation, it made me an even bigger fan

Beautiful | Reviewer: Jasmine | 6/21/08

I am a huge Within Temptation fan, they are a tie for my favorite band. Of you find this song beautiful definitely look at their other songs. This group is so amazing

The Howling
Our Farewell
Our Solemn Hour
Stand My Ground
this song....Somewhere

haunting | Reviewer: hilary | 4/16/08

I first heard this song on youtube on a fanvid about "Atonement". Absolutely beautiful use of haunting lyrics and video. If you haven't seen it, check it out! I don't think I have ever seen one with video and music so beautifully matched!It's now one of my fav songs. (Hey, and any vid with James Mcavoy in it has to be great!)

Youtube Sleeping Beauty | Reviewer: Andrew | 4/15/08

I heard this song on a vid on youtube that was about sleeping beauty. It was all like working together and sounded really amazing, the video complimented the song perfectly.

You should all check it out, on youtube, called "sleeping beauty-somewehere"

loool | Reviewer: somewhere | 3/14/08

hey i love this song and the first time i heard it was 2 or 3 days ago on youtube...i think it was a fanvid with this song and pics of tokio hotel...XDD though i dont like them!!! i dont even remember how i found it...anyway funny story

great song ;)

absolutely amazing | Reviewer: jess | 1/23/08

just like everyone here i heard this song on a bulletin about a mother who lost her baby. this song is so powerful and moving i just seem to get lost in it everytime i listen to it. this is one of my favorite songs and bands and always will be. :)

Beautiful | Reviewer: Lelle | 1/22/08

I unlike most other people heard this at work. It was on m ipod with a lot of other songs and it came on and I fell in love with it. It's such a beatiful song and although i haven;t seen the forward about the mother losing her child I can imagine and it almost brought me to tears. I really do love this song.

<3 <3 | Reviewer: Jen | 12/17/07

Very eerie and mysterious, very touching and deep. As soon as i heard it, i rushed to download it. It seems that the SBS bulletin made this song popular fast, because that's where i first heard it too!