This Band is one of my favourite | Reviewer: Dark~Side | 9/22/07

i found this band in a really funny way ... i first searched wikipedia for "Sharon" <--- my gf's name
cuz i was bored and missed her alot and then it showed me
"Sharon Den Adel - Lead Singer of the Gothic Metal Band Within Temptation" so i clicked on it and downloaded some tracks the first song i herd is "Mother Earth" and it toke my breath away when she screams in high pitch "Sheeeee Rulleeessss!!"
after that it became one of my all time favourite band and sharon den adel remind me of my EX-Gf alot =[

WT simple the best? beat them? | Reviewer: Teddy | 9/19/07

I love WT so much, i listen to them all the time, and i love the gothic chrismas, what have you done, forgiven, there is a diffrent style, and i seriusly like it, but if they do more number there our of the Gothic Metal style, it would't be the real WT, i love them, just the way they are..

Now playing : Within temptation - Intro.

Best band ever | Reviewer: Mo'weed | 8/28/07

I love Within , they are my favoite band for so many years. Sharon's voice is extraordinary !!! My favorite song is In Powe , the last part of this song it makes me feel like flying :)

Within Temptation | Reviewer: Rowdy | 8/19/07

I only like the ballads of Within Temptation.
They have different beautiful ballads and I love it

Favorite Ballads:

Our Farewell, Overcome, Pale, Memories, Say My Name, Somewhere, The Swan Song, Frozen, All I Need and Forgiven


hi.................. | Reviewer: jenny | 8/8/07

i love within from philippines n bacolod and iloilo city....i love that band i become so crazy.....

The Heart Of Everything | Reviewer: uwa_semar | 6/5/07

I hear Frozen Song From You Tub i thing this album is great songs and music i love this. by the way where can i buy CD or DVD in Indonesia..
Within Temptation Is The Graet Rock Star On Earth

wootya | Reviewer: lulu | 4/19/07

They are the best band i have heard, they are completely different and they just release great music. keep it up and hope to hear more from them in the future!!! =D


Within Temptation - The Heart Of Everything | Reviewer: Metatron | 4/5/07

My God, this album has become my favourite one of all my CD collection's. I just bought it today, and already I'm in love with it :3 Best songs on the album I think are: "The Howling", "What Have You Done", "Frozen", "Our Solemn Hour" <- bloody fantastic], "Hand Of Sorrow" <- just as fantastic "All I Need" and "Forgiven" - major fans of Within Temptation are gonna LOVE this album-treat :333

hii i love within temptation Soo much... | Reviewer: medo | 3/14/07

hii i love within temptation Soo much... :)

What Have You Done! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/07

Has someone heard their new song?
'What Have You Done'
It really rocks!
Best song ever!

Can't wait for their new album!
Check the site out, there's even a linkt to the clip of 'What Have You Done'

They just rock!!!!