hmmm | Reviewer: bob | 5/10/10

I've read a few things that says sharon is in fact a christian but the band itself is not. If you listen to Our solemn hour and read the lyrics, they chant Sanctus Espiritus which is latin for Holy spirit and/or holy ghost. those are the two definitions. No matter how you split it, the lyrics have a lot of christian. The song itself is a cry for help if you read it - "Sancutus Espiritus, redeem us from our solemn hour"

Sold their souls | Reviewer: concerned | 4/5/09

I quite enjoy their music but at the same time, as a christian, it really bothers me because I can actually see the symbolism in lyrics/videos and to me they seem quite obviously the most (I mean c'mon anyone who knows anything of the subject can connect the dots) occult band in the world that's actually quite mainstream.

they're everywhere! | Reviewer: Raven | 8/12/08

...and I LOVE IT! Can't get enough. We in America are hearing only American and Canadian artists, and at that mostly pop. However there is hope for music-thank you, WT. Sharon is the best singer I've heard to date, and the songs aren't just about love and breakups... (also all we in the US hear) There's also revenge, hate, hope, friendship, religion, and for God's sake, songs made for a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) called Spellborn. WT is tearing everything the conventional world thought it knew down and rebuilding it, from the very foundation, up. I cannot wait for the day that I turn on my radio and hear "The Howling" or "The Cross" blaring from the speakers. Mark my words, that day is coming. URGENT NOTICE: "The Howling"'s music video is a candidate to be a candidate (*takebreath*)... for Best Rock Video and Video of the Year at MTV. Vote to make it an "official" candidate and vote again to make it the WINNER.

love WT | Reviewer: dian | 7/27/08

great,,only one word that i can say for this band,,,
how can they create a song like this??
sharon's voice so much wonderfull...she has good screaming and singing technical altogether when she sing their song,,,,
i love it!!!

This band is one of the best ever | Reviewer: Argentum | 1/17/08

Not only do they have lyrics that have meanings unlike what is in the radio nowadays, they have managed to keep themselves in the radar for over a decade. And Sharon den Adel has the most amazing voice I have ever heard. I swear, every time she sings a song, even if its the same one, she always makes it different and just as enjoyable to listen to. No band as of yet, none at all (at least in my personal opinion) has yet to reach the level that they have. They speak of how the human race truly is, our flaws and desires, and no matter how many times you listen to them, you never get tired of them.

the unite band | Reviewer: Mahmood | 12/5/07

I watched the video of "stand my ground" about 2 years ago and some mounth ago I bought the new album (heart of everything) but didn't listin to it ... until 2 weeks ago ... I really wondered by listining to an album that every songs were amazing... that is one of the rare albums that you wont be bored by hearing everysongs...I love Sharon's wonderful voice ...I don't want compare but I like them more than Nightwish or Evancense

AWESOME.... | Reviewer: Alan | 12/5/07

check it out... sharon's voice really fantastics..
their sound / music it's really unique.. Bravo to
Within Temptation !!!

Have to say they arnt what i expected | Reviewer: Twilight | 11/16/07

I was amazed by this band. I saw there CD at walmart in the rock section under "upcomeing artists" I had never heard of them befor so i decided i would check them out on the way home i poped in the CD and the first song that came on was "the howling" i was amazed the song had wonderful lyrics breatakeing vocals and a wonderful band to back it up. I can tell that this band is very talented

What is there to say... | Reviewer: 'Tress | 10/12/07

...that has not yet been said by other fans?

Within Temptation is really one amazing band, their songs speak the truth about our race but at the same time they would never really bore you. The tunes might sound a bit the same some times, but that doesn't matter, because the meaning behind the lyrics is all that does.

Many of their songs are breath-taking, and the band just keeps on rocking. Their songs are what I like to call "real music" because well...there's meaning, it's not all about frills and love and they make sense.

Within Temptation is truly one of the greatest bands ever formed.

And besides, who wouldn't love Sharon den Adel's voice?

It's the fear | Reviewer: Aleah | 10/9/07

what should i said huh= =?
best band ever, when i first watch their Music Video on Youtube...
but the heck is, after i reformat my pc i can only watch the video but hear nothing= =
what the hell is going on...
and where can i find their CD in Malaysia or Singapore? They seems didn't release ther album in Asia or something...