Angels - Within temptation | Reviewer: Miss Independent | 4/22/06

Angel's is ma fav. prob cos i can relate to it a lot... well all their songs are pretty awsome.. within temptaion rocks... all d best to 'em

Within Temptation- legacy | Reviewer: Avik Chakravarty | 2/28/06

In an era where heavy metal seems to be the mass force, within temptation is a band that brings out the goodness in real gothic rock/metal. They are a silent force thats slowly emerging to the world scene...They're just awesome with their songs varying from melodious emotional songs like Bittersweet and Memories to the heavier side with Deep Within. I can see them bringing up the front with Nightwish, Tristania, Lacuna Coil etc..

Silent Force | Reviewer: Mandy | 10/1/05

This band is fantastic, i only heard their Stand My Ground and i had to go out and buy Silent Force. A great album love all the songs what have i been missing? not no more.

They Rock. End of. | Reviewer: Dave | 9/23/05

They're a fantastic band. I saw them at the London Astoria at the start of the month, and I was totally blown away. Sharon Den Adel is a much better frontwoman than Nightwish's Tarja Turunen could ever wish to be.

Also, their latest album, 'The Silent Force' is easily my album of the year. It may not be the heaviest album ever released, but it's easily one of the most powerful and emotional.

Within Temptation | Reviewer: Anne | 9/5/05

The picture on their biography is a little dated. Maybe can they update it? By the way, Within Temptation is just great! I love them! All fans, check my site: . And join the forum!

come to israel!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/05

i think they are something special!!!!
i love them!!!!!
i love the way they performing
come to israel!!!!!!

Stand My Ground | Reviewer: Chris O | 3/1/05

I thiink this is one of the best songs from these guys because it is just really kewl d--(oo)--b