Wrong The song is about god x.x | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/12

The song is about God, Most of Within temptations music is about God, Heaven, and Fallen Angels, who "can no longer justify the bloodshed in his name" yesh way to fail at reading between the lines x .x

deceiver of fools | Reviewer: linzee | 4/8/12

''Please awake
And see the truth
He can only be
If you believe what he tells you
Remember who you are
What you stand for
And there will always be a way.''
Dnt take e lies of ths world they r jus a stumbling block 2 e gr8 place ahead

WT rules | Reviewer: Malachy_Grapes | 4/5/12

I agree with "Anonymous | 6/4/09": the first time I read this lyrics, I immediately thought that it was referred to politicians, capitalism, manipulated media and all this stuff.

"He told the tale so many times
About the dream not meant to be
In a world of the free
(He plays with your mind)"

This is clearly relationed with the politicians. They cheat as much as they can during the electoral campaigns talking about utopias.

"He feeds on fear, poisons the truth
To gain their faith, to lead the way
To a world of decay
(He rules your heart)"

We are falling and falling in this 21st century due to the current system, dominated by a mixture of political and economic interests, and so far from real democracy.

"Please, awake and see the truth
He can only be if you believe what he tells you"

This message is very important: people who vote is maintaining the system. Stop voting, it will never change the world. And in the capitalism branch: stop buying a lot of things and spending your money in malls; that is what they need to survive. Without us, they will die. It's QUITE important to understand this.

Of course it's only my opinion hahaha.

It is about evil Totalitarian Leaders | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/11

I agree with RockSoulUK. This song is about Godless or Satinistic leaders who deceive people into supporting them. The earlier post about Sharon's interview confirms this.

This song, coupled with "Our Solemn Hour" seems to ring exceptionally true today.

There is no doubt that the deceiver is Satan acting through a charismatic leader. If you look at the lyrics for Solemn Hour you see a call to the Holy Spirit "Spiritus Sanctus" and references to "how could things have turned so fast". In Solemn Hour, there is also a question as to how "we allowed things to turn".

So essentially, the more a leader lies to take away true, essential, real freedoms, the closer that leader is to being a 'deceiver'.

The ending of the song gives hope that light will always eventually triumph over darkness.

This song, to me, seems written about a current political figure even though the person in my mind was not anywhere near the forefront of the news when the song was written. That makes it a bit eerie.

View point | Reviewer: Angel Eyes | 11/7/11

Well, for ME, the Deceiver "he" is George W. Bush! He's way worst than Hitlre and others! It's just my View Point!! As this song is not talking about someone specific... Everyone has his/her own "he" the Deceiver.

YOU'RE the Deceived ones. Obviously, fools. | Reviewer: Nigel UK | 6/8/11

It's actually about the Devil who is called The Great Deceiver in scripture.
That you "Liberals" think it is about God shows just who the fools are and how YOU are the deceived ones. You have no idea of what morality is.

"Wont get fooled again"....or maybe we will??? | Reviewer: RockSoulUK | 2/9/11

First time I heard this it sounded like a first –rate (OK VERY short !)history of the rise and fall of Hitler and the Third Reich. If you look carefully at the big screen during the Black Symphony performance you can in fact see its aimed universally at all the most notorious totalitarian tyrants of the 2oth Century from Stalin and Mao to Pol Pot and Milosovich. Some , particularly Hitler were even democratically voted into power -for that the Deceiver just needs to poison the truth across a rather greater number of (often all too willing)Fools...... .
It also left the thought that Totalitarianism amounts to politicised Satanism , and any Satanist is a potential tyrant
“no light in the darkness is too small to see...”sound like its dedicated to those strong enough to not only stay immune to whatever collective insanity the Deceivers let loose, but to actively oppose it , whatever the personal consequences –(this song grows even more awesome when its followed immediately by “Stand my Ground (–like on Java Island on the Silent Force DVD!)

My views | Reviewer: BCL | 1/29/11

Who 'he' is of course debatable. Seemed to me (although Sharon confirmed it was about politics) that this 'he' could be about different things when put in a certain spheres of subject.

But may I suggest that this 'He' is our own consciousness and intelligence?

Cool! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/10

I love this song. For those of you debating who's is the deceiver, maybe Satan is the deceiver of hearts and God is the deceiver of fools. Only a theory, but this song is probably about politics anyway.

Religious babble | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/10

"He told the tale so many times
About the dream not meant to be
In a world of the free

Plays with your mind"

Maybe it's just me but this seems to me as if they are referring to "God" as the deceiver. couldn't the "dream not meant to be, in a world of the free" be referring to heaven, and the "Tale" being told so much is the bible. well, who knows but the artist.

i agree with post on 6/4/09 | Reviewer: nobody | 3/4/10

i agree with the post by anonymous on 6/4/09...WT has in corperated politics and Hitler in at least one other song "our solemn hour"

but all of WT's songs have different meaning for each and every person and that's another reason why they are so awesome

uh well))) | Reviewer: ru.inv. | 12/7/09

well, 'tis a very special one 4 me. one o' the best i ever heard.
i've been glad to see here Sharon's words from the interview.))) i like the fact that WT themselves do not consider this song as a religious one.
well, it reminds me of comrade Stalin. >:)

S.A. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/09

I agree with Anonymous | 6/4/09

"He told the tale so many times
About the dream not meant to be
In a world of the free"

And that is exactly what they are doing.

Satan is a matter of belief, some believe in him, some don't, but those people are VERY REAL and this song is totally nailing them.

Real people, evil leaders are the greatest deceivers, even by using invented tales and characters.

Fallen Angel | Reviewer: The Poet | 6/19/09

I think this song is amazing but it cetainly sounds like this song is about Satan. He is the greatest deceiver of all. He feeds on our pain, hate, and fear. He won't hesitate to send your soul to Hell. God is our great protector and Father. God keeps us from his hateful world, his ruined world. He is not a deceiver, he is honest and just.

This only my opinion about the song. Regardless of who "He" is, it's a great song like all of their others.

True meaning of the lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/09

The song isn't about religion, it's about politics. Sharon told in an interview, years ago in Aardschok magazine, that the song tells te story of world leaders like Hitler. Leaders who are usually ignored, but become extremely popular during times of crisis.