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Performed by Within Temptation

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Tori Amos & Sharon | Reviewer: RockSoulUK | 11/1/10

This is a great cover of a Tori Amos classic.Sharon has mentioned Tori as one of her important early influences/heroines ,though of course she is far more often compared with Kate Bush (Kate's "Running Up That Hill" is the only other cover WT have recorded, so far as I know)

Maybe some later lines are missing here, or maybe Sharon adds to them ,singing live she builds up to "why do we crucify our HIGHER selves", just makes a great song even greater!

Great song | Reviewer: DeLiRiUm Of ThE eNdLeSs | 11/10/09

Love this song. It's like a ballad for humanity. We do nothing but cause others and ourselves pain, despite our best intentions. 'Every finger in the room is pointing at me'. We often think that everyone sees our thoughts, and our guilt 'crucifys us'. Love Within Temptation.

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