Skip Beat | Reviewer: Stephanie | 3/5/13

This song is definitely so beuatiful and I just can't believe that more people don't realize this. I first heard this song is a Skip Beat (an anime/manga) music video. The video fits this song very well, so if you're looking for an unique interpretation of a wonderful song look up "Are you the One? Skip Beat" on YouTube.

Sharon singing, but it's NOT Within Temptation....! | Reviewer: RockSoulUK | 1/2/13

Great vocals by Sharon as ever , you just need to know though that this is NOT on any WT album, she was in fact guest vocalist on this track of the album "Hymn To Life" by Timo Tolkki

internal love | Reviewer: maria | 11/15/12

I wish I could find someone that stirs these kind of emotions to me. I hope I find someone like that someday......This song is devine...Best song ever. even from "a thousand years" by christina perri. It used to be my favourite but now it is my second favourite

I Love This Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/10

Within Temptation is my absolute favorite band. I found them not even a year ago and I have nearly all their songs. Her voice is absolutely amazing. This song makes me think of my favorite books, and the romance between the main characters.

who is the one? | Reviewer: elena | 6/27/08

i love this's very beautiful!i have never heard a song like that,it's just great!listening to this song i wander who is the one for me...but i can not find's very difficult to find the perfect guy to be the ONE for me...