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Performed by Within Temptation

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wow.. | Reviewer: chhavi | 2/22/14

I heard this song in tvd, this song made me sink into that moment. Truly amazing song. Even i want to say that all the songs by within temptation are tempting, i just love them. :)

extremely great song | Reviewer: Irene | 6/9/13

This song is really amazing! I didn't know it and I must confess I first heard in The Vampire Diaries!.. Anyway I love its music and of course the lyrics! They mean a lot to me.. Love it!

One of my favorites | Reviewer: Niro | 11/28/12

I heard this song from "The Vampire Diaries" TV series. suddenly it took all my heart and really beautiful and meaningful song. I love it.
- Give me something I can believe - wow... so real

21/03/24 | Reviewer: nina | 7/7/12

this song is really beauiful it has a deep meaning full of pain caused by love
this song means that everybody can love again but their minds and heart'll be enemies i mean the minds love but the hearts can't trust that person a specialy when you've been hurt before and it'll be confused how can the mind love i mean you know that you found anothr person who can make you happy who can take away all of your past pain and the people that hurt you. but also you begging him to do not hurt you and you don't know if he'll or not so you're going to live with him afraid

all i need song for me | Reviewer: hi-roe | 3/28/12

this song is very deep meaning for me. i had love some one for 10 years since i was 14 years old. but, he didn't. i got a crush..... this song make me feel and think that there is another love. another person who will give me the heal and warm my heart again. i had lost my trust when he said i mean nothing.... but, through this song i believe that i have another chance to love adn being love by some body. i never give up to believe in pray that one day i mus be happy

Meaning | Reviewer: Sarah | 7/14/11

I personally believe the meaning is this: you've finally found that person that can take away all of your past pain and the people that hurt you. They seem to make it better, but you still have your apprehensions, and you are begging this person to not hurt you as you've been hurt before. Either way, you can take this song however you want, that is what songs are meant for. Yes, she may have had something or someone in mind when she wrote this but songs are meant to be taken in your own interpretation. So no one here is right or wrong. In the end, its a beautiful song and thats most important.

Honesly | Reviewer: Liisa | 6/30/11

i dont think anyone gets what it means and i dont think anyone will
usually ppl say it means something thats dear to them and that just means that the song has more hidden power then most.
but no one will actually know, Sharon Den Adel has been through a lot and her voice and righting skills prove shes more then just a singer, her words in this song are more then likely about something we'll never guess, because its such a detailed song,
i love Within temptation, i loved them since i was born my mother tells me :)
I hope one day that i can share them with my children too ^-^
And this song doesnt remind me of bad things
it reminds me of new beginnings :) xxxx

soothing | Reviewer: harry | 5/7/11

i heard this song in The Vampire Diaries fell in love with it awesome music when the song starts u just get lost in the the that instrumental music you can feel the pain its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren's thoughts | Reviewer: Lizbeth | 6/22/10

Umm I really like this song hehe I'm confused about the meaning of the song but to me it means that this person makes you a better person and makes you feel wonderful but that person is leaving but you don't want him/her to because you love that person and you know that they're all you need and you don't want to get teared down with pain

just made me cry. | Reviewer: nexy | 6/10/10

makes me think of how I'm sick of people ruining the things that make me happy. my best friend fucked off, and my boyfriend left because of something he never asked me to talk about. I'm sick of everything, and this sums up how I feel; I need someone to mend me and make my "heart a better place". I'm quite empty, my heart is hostile territory. I heard this song again recently.. it had a much bigger impression on me recently than it did the first time I heard it. her voice is amazing.

Aswome | Reviewer: Seri | 5/5/09

This song is great and wonderful. Refershing to see there is no debate on this one like there is with Angels. I'm just getting into this band and this is one of there better songs! Good band I wish they had more good songs though.

Perfection | Reviewer: Chrissie | 11/22/08

I have just watched them perform this on the Black Symphony DVD ... one word WOW ... her voice is flawless and the song is simplicity it self yet stunning ... excuse me while I go rub my arms to try and get rid of the goosebumps

Music. Video. ROCKS. | Reviewer: Raven | 7/26/08

The music when paired with Sharon's voice is haunting enough. Put it in a music video and you have my new ultimate favorite. If you have not sen the music video, YOU MUST SEE IT. I can't stop watching it-I believe it's their best vid since Ice Queen in 2005. And from a great band like WT, that means alot.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/08

the lyrics are beautiful just like sharon's voice. After listening to the song a few times and really getting a feeling for the true meaning of the lyrics I actually cried. It was so moving. Definately in one of the top spots for their best songs.

Amazing | Reviewer: Chris | 2/17/08

I'm still a fan after many years- stationed in Iraq right now and just heard this for the first time... it's amazing! Our Farewell is still one of my all time faves, but this is up there. I can't wait to get a copy of this album!

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