This remix has good reviews. obviouslyyyyy | Reviewer: teenagers input | 2/27/13

i think everyone needs to chill out! This song is pretty fucking awesome.. If you dont like it then dont listen to it. You are now now rockin with and britney bitch, Waka flocka flame lil wayne hit boy diddy bitch! The spazz that talked about lil waynes rap, get over it, life goes on bitch. Teenagers do a whole fuck load more than you know. Yolo

Why has this remix good reviews? | Reviewer: David | 2/18/13

Hi! I’m Tunechi – I give the girls my room key
Money can’t buy you love, so I don’t pay for no pussy
I don’t pay these haters no mind – so fuck it call me cheap
I grab life by the horns, and that bitch went “beep-beep”

And this is aimed at young teenagers who buy the music what sort of example does that set? total and utter rubbish.