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Performed by Whitney Houston

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from the girl that love u | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/10

i want to send this song to you baby,although i asked you to broke up cus i know u already have a gf but i still love love for you never die,no one can replace you ...when i asked you to broke up i'm really really hurt cus i love u more than i love my self but i can't make ur gf hurt.why u not tell me that u already have gf ?u lie me ...but i still love u.

sAving aLL my love 2 the one i love.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/09

this song is verry related 2 me.. i fall in love with a married guy,i want 2 4get him but really cannot.. what should i do,i really like him and he likes me too.. he said if he knew me b4 he will ask me 2 marry him.. huhuhuhu.. How i wish,buT its too late..

Omg | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/09

The person who wrote on7,13 09 im going through the same problem..I be feeling like damn everything comes before me.and im the type that loves 2 be by my man a lot.but I don't evem see him that much,I love him so much,& no other man is gonna do

saving all my love for him | Reviewer: irene crisciana | 7/28/09

i dedicated this song for someone that i loved,were in a relationship before but for now were seperate,because of what he did. but i still love him,i miss to be with him. everyday i think of this song i can relate "no other man's gonna do. so im saving all my love for him". i hope were going back together. i love you 111808...

Saving all my love for him | Reviewer: Dani | 7/25/09

This song is something that reminds me of my first love, that I lost and didn't realize I was in true love with him till recently. But we can only be friends. I'm waiting for him. I'm saving all my love for him. and even if he hurts me I love him, and I'll still be saving all my love for him. I can't explain how I feel when I talk to him. It's just... indescribable.

i cn relate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/09

i cn relate 2 dis song even tho she talkin bout bf n i hardly ever spend time 2gether..he always busy doin sumten 4 his seems like evrythng comes b4 me..but i dnt want 2 move on..i dnt want b wit nobody else but him..no1 else i'l wait it out til our situation gets savin all my luv 4 him ;)

saving all my love for him | Reviewer: girl | 5/6/09

i am in love with a married man...and whenever i heard this song, it just sings wat i feel...
i love this man although he is the worst man i ever met...always broke my heart...always give me false hope. i never intend to break his family. i just appreciate every minute i am with him.

Good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/08

You all do know this is about someone who is cheating on his wife? It is both romantic and pathetic because she is in love with someone who belongs to someone else and holds on to the hope of one day they will be together. I don't care for the lyrics but the saxophone in background is great and I love Whitney.

saving all my sex | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/08

i absolutely love this amazing sex song
me and my hubzy always shag hard to this song whenever we play it in bed, he begins llicking my pussy, and then he gently slips his dick into my soft, tight vagaygay

i save all my love for my lover | Reviewer: mis thang | 9/14/08

i love this song coz evry night me and my hub get in the bed this song is dedicated to us coz we save our love for each other proper during the day i love this song and i was lead singer for this song in my concert

Whitney | Reviewer: Kandyce | 3/23/07

i love this song and the lyrics are written correctly

saving all my life for you | Reviewer: nelson | 6/13/05

I just to hear the live music of the song. thank you very much

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