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Performed by Whitney Houston

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......... | Reviewer: Suomynona | 10/13/11

This song is about infidelity. I don't mean to sound judgmental - I'm sure you all really do love the man who you're letting cheat on his wife - but it's not a romantic song. It's just not. Look at the lyrics, actually listen to the words; ignore the music behind it, it's produced to give such an anathema of a topic a lighter spin, an easier-to-digest feeling. I'm not gonna preach about adultery and heaven and hell and all that, simply because I'd be a hypocrite; however, for all you hopeless romantics, actually look at what you're doing. Is it love? Or is it lust? Do you know the difference?

i will love him forever... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/11

i will do everything for him and for his children. i dont even care if that will make me cry & die. i knew how much he loved his chidren and i dont want to him to think that i am competing with them. i dont want to be a problem to him...becoz i love him so much....

Encapsulates everything i feel... | Reviewer: anonymous | 3/12/11

Im the person in the song that's waiting for the man that I love...but unfortunately he already has a family that he's committed to..'a few stolen moments' that's all we have...I knew and loved him b4 he had his 'family' and it could have easily been me on the other side...I know there is no future for us, but Im finding it really hard to try to find someone else...part of me doesn't want to...I just want him..It hurts me when I see him and it hurts me when I don't...

SAVING ALL THE LOVE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/11

the lyrics are exactly the same with what's happening to me rt now,it's just that the married is me and the single is my bf.i really love hm and wnna b w/ him bt my conscience cnt take the mess that i'm gna create to my family.I hope the rt time will come for us and its nt just a fantasy.i'm saving all my love for hm.

talking to me in different way | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/11

i meet him n know his/my love to each other after 11y..its was so sad when now we meet in secretly conditions coz i'm married n he's surprised n really broken hearted when we meet of not being us single..yes i'm really love into him..hopely i can be with him ever after..

:) | Reviewer: me :) | 11/29/10

i love this song and it is so romantic. i am singing it in my school's christmas concert because it is called 'blitz the hits' and we are performing to songs from the 60's 70' and 80's and im so glad that she released this song because i love it :)

nice voice but bad lyrics | Reviewer: baby | 11/21/10

This song is talking about a mistress couldn't find a right man, a real love but being with a married man who isn't really going to leave his wife. I think thats bad, right and silly. I believe finally, the man would leave the mistress, maybe when she is old, no other man would want her, it is the stupidest thing to do- being a mistress. The man doesn't love the mistress or his wife but himself coz of sex. And being a mistress is just legally to let the man cheats on you, no big different than being the wife. Sharing a man's sexual organ is dangerous.

Young Love<3<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/10

Whelps I'm A 12 Year Lives In Columbus In The 7th Grade And I Think I'm In Love. I Love This Song And Really Can Related To It Kinda.? .. Most Of U Is Going To Look At This And Think She Too Young To Feel In Love .. Well I DO. Then I Dont. This Song Makes Me CRY Alot. I Have To Listen To This When I Fell Sad. It Pushes My Tears Out. I LOVE THIS SONG GOOD SONG MADE BY WHITNEY. I Love Her Too<3 - Welpss Got Too Goo Byee . Lovee Yhll And COMMENT.

saving all my love for you | Reviewer: MARYJEAN | 10/31/10

its all i can say this song is vry romantic
evry time i heard i recall all my unforgetable days that they left. the love and understanding. they cherish me when im ready to gave up
,,,,,,,..........................thankz for my friend ur my lover and my challenge

wth | Reviewer: leah | 10/22/10

Okay, all you people are stupid...I mean really... check you're grammar. And if you've ever been the person on the side and you knew about it then you're a frickin dummy and you deserve whatever bad karma is coming your way.

aahh sweet | Reviewer: CGJ | 10/22/10

this song reminds me of how much i love my ex. i love him soo much, i would do anything for him. i've told him this many times but either he doesnt believe me or he just doesnt love me. sometimes we meet up and kiss for a few hours like every month or so. i've tried to get over him, but i cant, i dont know if he's just using me for his satisfaction but i cant stop seeing him. i love him. sometimes i think he's in love with his ex n not me. but i dont think ill ever love anyone as much as him. my love

O/A - dhiambo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/10

I cn seriously relate 2 Whitney in ths song. Bt all us clandes out here need 2 accept tht he wl never b urs (ours). Its complex 4 me cz am in love wth him, simple 4 him cz he is in love wth his baby mama, his wifey, love of his lyf. Baiby put urslf in my shoes. I need a family of my own n u shld knw y. I feel empty n the once in a blue moon escapades cn never fill tht void. I cnt ask u 2 walk out of home, do tht out of ur own will. Funny huh! I am hurting n u knw tht. Our relationship wl never b the same after tht break. U said alot tht really hurt me n it stuck. I love u bt i cnt do ths. U found ur love y nt lt me find myn. U r jst playin me til nxt year then u wl b gone wth the ones u trully love. Angel cry, lt them cry.

Saving all my love for you.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/10

Hello guys, i love this song and i want to play this song all the time in memory of my beloved, i am married but complicated, and now i meet my bf b4 whom i really love. but its all my fault i took him for granted b4 coz i am not ready for commitment. and now i will just say im saving all my love for you...

Saving | Reviewer: Mellisa Starr | 7/19/10

I met this cute guy through my cuzin nd me nd him hve so much in common and our friendship means the world 2 us we tlk on the phone all da time nd I broke up with my bf nd he broke up with his gf nd im saving all my love for him

he makes me excited all over again | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/10

i'm coming from the opposite side, i'm the one who's married and falling to a single guy, i know he likes me very much but there is nothing we can do about it, all i know is he has a special place in my heart. i love singing this song and i know he is saving all his love for me

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