Miss T | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/09

Wow! I remember the 1st tym i warned a frend of myn abt a guy she was datin singing ths song to her, coz she'd datd a guy who left his gf 4her, gues wat 3wks later we sang the song together coz he'd dumpd her. i js luv how true the song is, beautifuly sung by gr8 ladies.

very well said | Reviewer: alisah | 5/21/09

this is a song well sang they said things that we all afraid to say. if only we could do the same for oneanother and not take it like the other persn is being jelous of our relatoinship. beautiful song, i love it.ps i would appreciate it if someone warns me about my 'lover'

Well said or shld i say sang... | Reviewer: cautiii | 4/14/09

im currently going thru such situation he z leaving me for sum1 else claimin he doesnt feel d same way he used to feel abt me etc but he said this myb more dan 5 times b4 bt he kept comin bc to me n i do take him bc hopin he has changed this time around bt listenin to dis sond 2day made me realise he 'll never change...

Jlo Q8 | Reviewer: Fai | 4/8/09

well, it's kind of a true (everywhere story)men like this you will never cgange them. listening to this song take me to a higher place away from cheating people and make me aware of many ppl i met / i will meet.
God Bless both of you

i love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/08

this song has made me realise many unanswred queations in my life.... i thank my boyriend ex for helping open up my eyes and seeing whats really goin on and that he ain goin change.... at first i was like oh yes he would change but he never did ... i love this song

True Story | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/08

Many people always judge a man or woman's ex. Sure they'll change way of thinking once they listen to this.

I'm currently the leading lady, but i know his ex didnt do anything bad; got me thinking, maybe it wont last.

Time will tell.

Real lyrics - Classic

love it | Reviewer: crishan | 10/19/07

this song is beatiful marvelous i love it 2 death the same thing the man is doin my boyfriend is doing that 2 so i no wat your talkin bout

SaMe sCripT diFferEnt CaZt.. | Reviewer: lalyy | 5/5/07

I first heard this song i was amazed! It's so beautiful! I can't stop listening. Their voices are so amazing together!

amazing | Reviewer: Kat | 3/19/07

I first heard this song i was amazed! It's so beautiful! I can't stop listening. Their voices are so amazing together!

lovely | Reviewer: yolanda | 9/28/05

No! Same script different cast. simply marvolous this song is very enchating!!!!!!!!!!*~*!!!!!