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Performed by Whitney Houston

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For conclusion- One Moment in time | Reviewer: chares_bayugan city | 10/15/09

One moment in time is my favorite song ever despite of higher pitch. It makes me inspired and strengthen my soul.It gives me power voice to shout my pain,my sorrows and my failures in life. Everytime I remember this song It creates great passion in my life even one moment in time.
Thank you Whitney Im always be your Fans ever. I LOVE yOU.

Thanks whitney!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/09

The best song for me. I feel so strong feelings everytime I listen to it: optimism, hope, calmness, inspiration...and it makes me think that you must never give up even though life is hard and painful. you must always dream coz all dreams come true. you have to remember "you are more than you think you can be", only then you will be FREE

awesome | Reviewer: mabel | 8/3/09

when i listened to this song i felt like crying. all my life i thought nobody knows what i am going through or what i am feeling. but after listening to this song i begin to relize that someone somewhere really knows and cares about my feelings. thanks whitney for this song. i just love it.

anonymous | Reviewer: Hime lol | 6/14/09 t first I was into Japanese songs but when I felt like I kinda want to sing again I listened to Hero by Mariah Carey in YOUTUBE then I waited until I found this title One Moment in Time I listened to it then it felt like I don't want to give up my talent.Then I listened again and again and it makes me feel like crying!I'm speechless after listening to this song but I feel like this song's truly incredible!It forces me to be a better person.Now....:) thx so much 4 making this song Whitney!I love it!

Thelma | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/09

When I listened to it carefully over and over again, I realized that although life now to me is confusing, and pain, failure and torture seems to be everywhere in my heart, I still have to keep on until one day I am really free in heart. Thanks so much.

My one moment time | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/09

Everything i've done in life has led to my new venture where a lot of people are looking to me for leadership. the lyrics in this song reverberate in every cell of my body. lay the chance here in my hands.

I'm ready! jimmy

Oath taking day | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/09

this song was sang on my oath taking day as a nurse(after tremendous exam etc of studying)and when i heared it was whitney, i first thought that they are singing a love song on a kind of ceremony. then after listening carefully with its lyrics, it touch me.every word in its lyrics speaks it all.give me one moment in time,when im more than i thought i could be, when all of my dreams are a heart beat a way, and the answers are all up to me,

SHE'S CRISTIAN NOW! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/09

well i know that whitney are very disapear of all world of shows but for who don't know she now is a fervient cristian and to she goes very well now, all have right but, she dont have any gift, god give her all and she now understeand that, i'm very happy for that. god bless you all. and see her perfomenc on the grammys with this song. it's simply awasome.

U've said it all | Reviewer: Wendy | 3/10/09

I've been looking for words to express how i feel and i couldnt find them but today just by this song i knew how to define what i feel.thank you whitney.this song is just to is what i am going through this moment in my life.thank you again.God bless you and keep the good work

Thanks so much! | Reviewer: Joe | 2/28/09

Thanks, Whitney, your lyrics really inspired me to go on. Everytime when I want to give up my studies, your voice came to my brain - I'm only one, but not alone, My finest day is yet unknown ....... Over the past 20 years, I have suffered so much despair, pain and sadness! Yet I still remember that I can't give up. I am now finally a PhD students.

vEry nice sOng..grabeehh.. | Reviewer: Lianna Rachel | 1/8/09

i'm not fond of singing until i heard this song

this is really inspiring and motivating..

the lyrics are true and you can really relate from it

i'm glad to know that Whitney was the one who sing this song..i don't think someone can sing this song as she did..hehehehhe...she's my favorite now..

i don't about her..cause i'm so young..but i'd search her story and finally learned all her songs..

hope you'll be back're really great..

middle school memories | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/08

I was in the chorus in middle school and we had to sing this for graduation. at the end of the song every one was crying. I listen to the song every once and a while and it still makes me cry. it brings up soo many good memories =(

one moment in time..i love it | Reviewer: catherine | 7/18/08

..its so very nice song...since was in elementary, this is my favorite song...until now ,because it makes me happy nad it touches the deepest of y heart...and im happy with my aham...singing together our favorite song...

NHSDTC | Reviewer: T. | 6/20/08

The JROTC National High School Drill Team Championship adopted this as part of their award ceremony. Every year I went, I cried when it played. It was a great way to look back on all the sweat and tears my drill team put in for the whole past year. We would just sit together, holding hands and crying, and it made it feel like no matter what happened in the ceremony to follow, it was worth it because we did "face the pain" and had made it through another Nationals together. I still get very emotional when I hear this song, imagining us sitting in our chairs on that big open floor, the lights dim, and feeling that crippling anticipation together with hope and pride in my team.

Glad to see it has caused such emotions in others, too. :)

This song is soo cool :) | Reviewer: Hannah | 5/20/08

This song makes me feel happy and sad at the same time because i love it soo much. and i wanted to sing this song for a singing audition.

It is perfect for someone who is dreaming ;)

love it sooo muchh :D xxxxxx

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