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Performed by Whitney Houston

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Great love song ever | Reviewer: Austin gru Nohro | 2/25/14

God! I don't know how to start. I just love the music. Can't listen enough.. I feel romantic. Its beautiful and the lyrics make me feel like hero for my love.. Cause she know i have nothing if i don't have her....
Its just a great love song.

TRUE HERO | Reviewer: nkgomotse | 12/3/13

its been an honour to have had such a remarkable woman like yourself who can provide true love through a song and an angelic voice of yours, nobody in the world can replace you, you have an inspiration and still are, watching you in the bodyguard movie feels like you are still here and i will always have you in my heart.

Simply Amazing | Reviewer: Rick | 10/27/12

Mere words cannot fully describe the beauty and joy Whitney's incredible voice brings to this truly wonderful song. Rest in peace Whitney and thank you for all the joy and happiness you brought to so many people.

pacaldo | Reviewer: rachel grace | 5/18/12

i really love this song because it has a wonderful meaning,,,,and everytime i hear this song i feel that i am floating especially that this song was sang by whitney houston......

impression | Reviewer: lisa | 3/1/12

my favoutite song of her.nobody could ever sing this song like her,nobody could ever behave on stage like her.she is rare singer who enyojed singing and entertaining her audience.others think on money and acting like divas,its degrading if u touch ur audience's hands.truly diva who doesnt leave anybody aloof...

Wonderful !!! | Reviewer: Sydney | 2/19/12

Wonderful song, music and lyrics ! Whitney is the greatest and can now entertain the angels!
It is such a sad end for such a beautiful and talented woman . She must have been do very lonely...
Thank you for the lyrics and the videos! Whitney, we will never forget you!
All my love,

MY INSPIRATION ! :) | Reviewer: madila. | 2/11/12

ARRGHHH I LOVE HER SO MUCH AND HER MUSIC AND BEAUTIFUL TALENT !!! much respect to youu girl <3 gorgeous xmwaaah ! you are definately my HERO ! :'( its sad that you have left you family, friends and you fans !

oh gosh! i love 8. | Reviewer: luzviminda | 7/26/11

so nice song my dear,, love 8- mwooah! whitney have a brilliant voice.. ur my idol.. i wish i could sing that song sooooooooooooo beautiful.. shockzzzz! i hope we see each other, my one & only idol. konnichiwa, arigatou gosaimazu! tomadachi kiwatukete kudasai.. aishetiru! godbless..

miss martianna denee' randle | Reviewer: martianna | 7/20/11

i loooove this song ive herd it so many times i just neever knew that whitney houston sang this song and i am sooo glad that i have the lyrics now i printed them outso that i can learn the ltrics to the song my cuzn wants me to sing it for her wedding cant wait to learn it

love always martianna denee' randle

AMAZING SONG | Reviewer: Anastasia | 6/16/11

I just love this song!!! Whitney Houston is the most talented singer ever! I'm never tired of listening to her music. She is one of very few who can touch the very deep feelings inside of your soul. God Bless Whitney! :)

Still a Hit till now | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/11

Once a hit always a hit a beautiful song no matter the generation i remember when it come out and was a hit am 45years old now and still enjoying it as my daughter is listening to it she is 15years. Beautiful then and still beautiful now.

I hv nothing | Reviewer: Anisa ahmed | 4/11/11

Oh My GOD! Whitney i love u and ur voice so much.everything u say in this song is makes me feel better.its like medicine to my heart.thnk u for using ur voicf to heal broken hearts! I ador u.ur da bst...

So nice song - So sad at the same time | Reviewer: Sandra | 7/8/10

Such a beautifoul song...,
I feel so sorry when I see how bad ended Whitney carrera.., she was realy unique.., such a wise.., that incredible voice..., I so sorry for her, she must be so sad knowing that she can`t sing anymore like thouse days..., It's realy sad.

I Have Nothing bad to comment about Whitney Houston | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/10

i had never stop repeating this song for the past 3 months ....
keep on repeating this song every single day ....
Whitney Huston is awesome, incredibly wonderful, she is super best of the world ....
she got a super duper beautiful voice and her great performance ....
i will always support you Whitney Houston

i have nothing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/10

they try to put down my qeen, but today she shows that, she got nothing material with more value tham us, the funs... we have to help her because she is the qeen off our lifes...... love you all fuiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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