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Performed by Whitney Houston

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..........About the song i have nothing performed by whitney huston | Reviewer: rumana | 6/15/07

this is the most amazing song........everytime i listen to dis song i feel like crying.......whitney i love u r my idol and my queen.......

turkey kayseri | Reviewer: murat alval | 6/16/07

ı love u whitney so much more, never give up,ı will miss u again and again

Whitney Houston, I have nothing | Reviewer: Ethan | 6/7/07

This song is magical. Sadly Whitney lost her voice to drugs and hard living. The Bodyguard Soundtrack was her swansong. This song showcases her vocal range, soul and unchallenged tallent. Just like Mary J singing Bono's one. You gotta be born with that, you cannot teach it.

The song is beautiful | Reviewer: des | 6/6/07

I absolutely lov ethis song its amazingly beautifl and it has so much emotion in it . He rvoice is very strong and soothin . In all i believe it was a very beautiful piece of work

speaks your heart out | Reviewer: devilcoool | 6/2/07

I love this song cause it speaks my heart out, moves me to cry everytime i hear it . and yes there is no voice in this world which cld perfect this song other that whitney...!

Zackeia Green | Reviewer: Zackeia Green | 5/7/07

i loe dis song very much and it like when i here dis sing becsue i got dis cd it make me wnat o cry because its so beautifull and im only 14

Lovely | Reviewer: Cheryl | 4/27/07

This is lovely piece of work. I can Listen to it over and over again. Every since I heard it, its been my favorite. And im only 16 so this song came out when I was a little girl. I love this song

Outstanding | Reviewer: Giovanna | 4/9/07

Whitney Houston is my idol and my inspiration for the future. She has an amazing voice. I LOVE YOU WHITEY!!!!!!!!!

I Have Nothing | Reviewer: Jasmine | 4/9/07

I Love this song...I do not think anybody can perfect this like Whitney Houston did.Queen Of R&b

wot a shame | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/07

a beautiful amazing voice...shame whitney's in such a bad state rite sad

fab | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/07

this is the song i am going to walk down the isle too. It is the most beautiful song i have heard and no one has a voice like whitney!!!!!!!!!!!!
This song will help me through a lot of breakups, im sure!

I really have nothing!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/07

In less then a month, I have 2 sing this song in front of something like 500ppl and i'm not really sure whether i have the courage 2 do this. The thing is i've never took any singing lessons and never really sang in front of any ppl. My friends and ppl that heard me sing have really encouraged me 2 'coz they say i have a gr8 voice though i don't believe i can manage 2 sing just like Whitney does. I really have nothing compared 2 her n' I hope i'll find da courage 2 sing the courage 2 sing this song!!

yonida | Reviewer: jonida | 2/21/07

whitney's voice is the one in the world and this is the best song on earth. bye, from albania....

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/07

honestly this song does have to be sung with passion or else it sounds like shit, me and my friends always try and belt this song but we end up sounding really bad...haha only whitney can do i!!! good for u whitney!!

It gives me all | Reviewer: mary love | 11/12/06

That song makes me!!!foolish i don't know how explain the sensation I HAVE NOTHING gaves.I just won whitney knows that i can die for her and really want to sing like her.I love you

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