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Performed by Whitney Houston

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we will miss u | Reviewer: musiclover | 4/7/12

everyone who's heard whitney music, will know that she's one of the best singers of all time. She has accomplished everything that a person needed to. People r going to remember her 4 her drug battles fine,but im remembering her 4 her music.

Where we come from... | Reviewer: RJ Smith | 2/12/12

Whitney and I, is the leafy, suburban environs of East Orange, New Jersey. She came there with her family who wanted to escape the Newark that remained after the riots in 1967. I came from Belleville after the death of my Dad in 1964. If you know what "Doddtown" means, you instantly are filled with the special feelings that growing up there has left with you. And now, so much has changed. And, yesterday, Whitney left this world. It occurred to me today that I shouldn't mourn her passing, because in reality, Whitney is free. She's better off than we here are. Only pray for those who know and love her, especially her daughter Bobbi Kristina, who really needs prayer and support. What we CAN do is be thankful to God for giving Whitney and her amazing voice to us all, forever, in her recorded works. She, like Michael, and so many others, though physically gone, will continue to touch our spirits for the rest of our lives. This song is one of Whitney's that does just that. I just ordered the 12" remix vinyl single on-line, and will enjoy being wrapped up in it's exuberant giddiness for a long time to come. I hope. I've got to say her single from the Olympics, "One Moment in Time" is also one of my top singles of all time, too. THANK YOU WHITNEY. Rest in Peace.

my alarm song wake up call | Reviewer: moira | 3/22/08

I've always wanted to send my Artist, my idol, my everything , her movement and her passion of music is very highly recommended by myself.

This is the right time to say it out while i have the chance, and also i've always wanted to say I support you and believing in you in what you're doing and whatever you do (music). I sometimes watch your mtv on j2 channel on cable and its so touching.

Well all the best and GOd Bless

Your supporter for life

10/10 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/07

This song is simply amazing. I've always loved the 80's music out of all of the genres and it always seemed to appeal to me most. Must be because it's up-beat and catchy most of the time.

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