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Performed by Whitney Houston

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A Powerful Message | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/07

I really love this song, it has a very powerful message. I do not remember the guy who sang the song when I was a young girl. I remember my aunt playing it and listening to the song over and over again. I believe its a great song to sing to your children or have them listen to over and over again.
Thank You,

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/07

Whitney houston is a amazing artist, She has the most beautiful voice in the world. I could listen to her 24/7.
And this song is beautiful just like her voice.

taught me how to love myself | Reviewer: TobbDogg | 6/27/07

I love this song, it taught me soooo much. It's part of my masturbation mix cd

------ About the song Greatest Love Of All performed by Whitney Houston | Reviewer: xXxjessxXx | 5/31/07

omg dis song is propa awsum!
i luv avin da words 2 sing along 2 it
i wish i culd sing like er dat wuld b reeli gd lol
i culd listen 2 dis song all da long pmsl:D:D

perfect song | Reviewer: Rosa | 5/26/07

i have that game too, I got 500000 on that song, it was on expert, this song is one of my faves by Whitney Houston.

love this song | Reviewer: 120x@n | 5/8/07

I just given birth to my little angel and it reminds me of this song. I used to sing this song when I was younger and I just love it. Now, I sing it to my daughter whenever I put her to sleep. She seems to like this song too because she falls asleep easily.

i a totally awesome song | Reviewer: toni | 5/1/07

i a absoultly love this music video even though i am a punk rocker i love the way it gives children and adults of all ages the truth about whats happening in the 3rd world and how they need to survive you could tell it is a poor country be what they were wearing clothes that are to small
for them. i belive that if you try hard enough you could reach the goal of poverty ending in the world

KARL'S LOVE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/07


greatest love of all | Reviewer: zerina | 4/27/07

greatest love of all is such an awesome song!
when ever im down or feel like crying i listen to it it just makes me feel better!

-im listening to it right now!

Gr8! | Reviewer: JDEC | 4/23/07

This is absolutely great! Absolutely lovin it! For real!

About the song Greatest Love Of All performed by Whitney Houston | Reviewer: wandy | 4/2/07

I like this song...everytime I feel sad or tired from anything. Just listen to this song and it encourages me to go on because it's exactly me....

what | Reviewer: marlisa | 3/5/07

i luv this song so much it reminds me pf my great grandmother and her beautiful voice

Love yourself | Reviewer: Karl | 2/16/07

beside your neighbour and god a very important thing!!
Great Song

I love Whitney from china | Reviewer: Brother China | 2/19/07

I am a big Whitney fan,I am a boy,I from asia-china.

i luuuuuuv thiz song!!!! | Reviewer: jessica | 2/7/07

OMG!!!This song iz sooooo awesom!!!i could listen 2 diz song ALL DAY LONG!!!!

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