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Sykes rules!!! | Reviewer: tweaker | 11/23/2007

Whitesnake is a true blues hardrock collabaration with wizard like talents of John Sykes doing the writing. He never recieved the much deserved credit for his work on their biggest cuts from 1987 Whitesnake alblum, a true guitar hero!

White Snake better than Led | Reviewer: Evilstalkerhorne | 11/6/2007

White Snake sounds nothing like Led Zepplin. The lyrics are better, the songs are better and the sound is more produced. Although Coverdale can do an excellant job of covering Robert Plant (as he notes by referring to him as David "CoverPlant") he sounds nothing like him on the Whitesnake albums..... ANY OF THEM. That is a good thing let me tell ya! If I hear some shit sing Stairway to Heaven one more time at Karokie I think I may kill myself or the other dude singing. One way or another they leave Whitesnake alone (except for people who can sing it like myself) and that is because it not only takes talent and range to sing it...... it also requires skill. If you have not got the technique down it may well be your last song of the night. That is the difference plain and simple, but hey don't take my word for it..... next time you are out listen for any WS songs at a Karokie bar. Unless I am there or Coverdale himself you will probably be out of luck. - By the way, I get REALLY good response from covering these tunes! Thank you oh so much where ever you are D. Coverdale! (Dude you should get back with Vivian Campbell and write more killer tunes!

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