Misuse of our Lords name! | Reviewer: Hillery T. Watkins | 11/17/10

I feel it is a sad fact that they have to portray Jesus in a cheesy hotel living a twisted life!White Zombie is a very talented group even though they are no longer together.It is down right shameful the way they treat God and Jesus in song and movies!This song would have been better minus the offense to Jesus!God loves us very much,and it hurts him when we sin in this way!Rob Zombie is still singing this song right today!Jesus loves you Rob so please change your ways...repent!

Religious insult!!!! | Reviewer: Hillery T. Watkins | 9/29/10

Headbangers heaven,
First, I would like to say"I like the song".What I find insulting is the depiction of Christ living in a cheap hotel living a twisted life.I am a christian who loves good hard music,but this song went to far with the mention of Jesus in a bad way!!!

God bless...Hillery