Don't say its over by whitelion | Reviewer: Yonny murry | 9/19/11

Don't say its over.. You say goodbye, cause you can't take no more, I guess i've seen you cry, a thousand times before. And if you want to break it up just go ahead, but tell me why, you're running out the door, And baby if you go there's all our love must die, before you say goodbye... Ch: don't say its over, don't say its over, cause when you run away, there ain't no coming back. I've alwys tried, to keep you satisfied and i've never lie, or tried to cheat on you. But it don't matter what i've done for you, cus u don't know just you wanna do, we can't go on this way living day by day. I don't know what to do, i guess its up to Bridge:- You told me, you'd never leave me behind, you sold out, you give up the love that we'd don't say its over..