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Performed by Westlife

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you raise me up westliffe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/08

this song is so special to me. it reminds me of my parents who are no longer with me any more. it also touches my heart they were the ones who raised me up and now i feel sooo lonly without them..

for grandpa joe | Reviewer: erin | 2/7/08

i love this song it was played at my grandpas funeral and every time i hear it, it makes me think of him which is really hard for me to do. westlife u guys rock for making me feel like this again.

Zlo Ful Kul pesem... | Reviewer: Naia | 1/30/08

So beautiful song... jooo tota pesmica je tak zlo fejst kul... ful mi je všeč ker je tak lepo mirna pa ker ma tako lepo besedilo pa čeprav nimam rada mirnih pesmic! =) ... legendarna pesem! =)

Crying tears | Reviewer: Zoe | 1/5/08

I love this song, it makes me cry. it also makes my nana cry because my grandad died 2 years ago on my birthday and even though this song wasn't at his funural, it still makes us cry and probably always will!

hot song | Reviewer: ruffy | 12/18/07

i love this song, it makes you feel good for some wierd reason, i love the way westlife sing this song and it is now one of my favourite songs. i am so glad that they put this song together because now in my eyes it is a masterpiece and thank you for doing that.

This song to my lovely wife who belived in me when no one do .... | Reviewer: Jefry | 12/17/07

This song for my wife, Jue who love me & care for me when everybody else ignore me & put me away just because i have nothing in this life. only her who look me strait to my heart. Jue,u are my love,my wife, my best friend, my everyhing. Love Jefry

encouraging | Reviewer: Natasha Tsubane | 12/17/07

the first time i heard this song i was so depressed but i tell by the time it finihed i was a totally diffent person i played over and over again.westlife you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

No God or Jesus, just a sinlge Dad who loves your son... | Reviewer: Big Daddy | 12/11/07

This Songs so Beautiful, always makes me cry listening to it because my son is so fuck special and I listen the music and don´t see fuckin God or Jesus...The only thing that I see is me with my son...I´m your fortress ´n´ I always will care him, for all my life...I dont need God, Allah, David, Satan, any else to do this!! Just me and he...cause he´s feels strong when he´s in MY SHOULDER!!

i lyk this song | Reviewer: shakira | 12/11/07

This Songs So Beautiful, always makes me cry listening to it because my nan died about a year ago and she has this song 4 her funeral

27.11.07 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/07

It's really wonderfull song... Welldone!!! Westlife,you are the best band... This song always makes me thinking about my God Jesus Christ!!!

Powerful | Reviewer: Eithne | 11/19/07

I remember the first time I heard this song, on the Ally McBeal show, and Josh Groban sang it at the Graduation ceremonies. Now, I have a version by Russell Watson that has a second verse, and the song is even more powerful. Just like Alex, when I sing it, I sing at the top of my lungs.
Love it.

You raise me up | Reviewer: sena | 11/5/07

this song you raise me up has been will always be a part of my life and does speak alot to my heart. it somewhat has a great impact on me. It reminds me of the greater person who is my Creator who raises me up

Moving | Reviewer: Alex | 9/5/07

OMG. I love "You raise me up" It is so moving n i love it. I always sing it at the top of my lungs. I love u westlife. specially nicky

addicted | Reviewer: donny | 8/29/07

man this is my alltime favorite sng..
west life are really great...
you can send mi any west life hit you hav on my email...they`e great.

AWESOME!! | Reviewer: Melissa | 8/13/07

I LUV WESTLIFE it is awesome i hav a broken arm at the moment so all i do is listen to this song ALL DAY!!!


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