Westlife always | Reviewer: Admire Tarasana | 5/20/14

I like the powerfull voice of Nicky on this song iam a great fan o Westlife and the songs makes me feel home..i started listening to their songs when i was a little boy upto nw iam

No Brian | Reviewer: wharphror | 12/15/13

Once upon a time, the Irish boyband Westlife recorded the song "You Make Me Feel" for their second studio album "Coast To Coast". The song includes Nicky Byrne's lead vocals for the first verse, then Kian Egan's lead vocals for the second verse, also including Mark Feehily's lead vocals, and finally, Shane Filan's lead vocals towards the end of the song. But, wait. There's no lead vocals from Brian McFadden. NO LEAD VOCALS FROM BRIAN MCFADDEN!!! ARRGH!!!

u guys r soo amazin | Reviewer: corney | 11/26/13

u guyz r sooo amazin i get sooo enthusiastic evrytym i get 2 listen 2 ur songz...my family is responsible 4 my enthusiastic feelin 4 u guys...ppllllllllllzzzzzz gus jst get bck 2geta pllllllzzz!!!.i luv u guys

i'm From gopane | Reviewer: tshepang mong chantel | 10/24/13

westlife please be united again ...nd release new songs..i cant wait to listen to them...i love you a lot westlife group...i wil support you guys..many people wil be pleased on your new songs

westlife for life | Reviewer: Nelson | 7/18/13

i started listen to westlife right from my kid age. I love their music. Up to the extend dat my frnds nick name me westlife. I feel like a real human when eva i listen to their song, i make them my music mentor especial mark feehily. But it hurt me to hear dat dey disbanded last year (2012) pls i want u guys to come back

I Love Westlife till my End of Life......U guys r always Rocks!! | Reviewer: Ramya | 7/20/12

I love westlife most in my life.......they always good....westlife songs r really too awesome.....whenevr i hear song tat only westlife all time........his song make me feel good n fal in luv with them..Even I Love Mark Most..im really mad on him......

Thanks giving | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/11

I am dr. Abbas taraba from nigeria, african continet. I started listened to westlife songs when i was 10 years old. Every time i had any of there song i feel right, became a man and need a girl besade to show her my love. I pray westlife that god should multiply thier talent each blessing day +23408089725054

always westlife will be number 1 | Reviewer: Flossy | 9/11/09

i like u guys, the song is good, juss the way Nicky sounds, so real, juss cool, can he be your lead vocalist for at least two songs on your next album. i love u all, Brian u made yourself the forgetable,

westlife | Reviewer: sarah | 11/15/08

i love the way nicky sounds in this song he is actually a very good singer i cant believe they dont use his voice in the cds he is brilliant i really want to get the coast to coast cd i wonder wuld any shop have it?

westlife forever | Reviewer: abdoulaye | 4/3/07

i didn't like the way that bryan mc fadden left westlife.i want westlife to be together.and i hope that bryan mc fadden will come back.i love westlife