Love Westlife! | Reviewer: Prashant | 9/14/2008

I simply love westlife...have loved them since they came into music world....and just blew me away with their beautiful music!
How much i love them....have all the songs they have sung to this date!

Westlife Rocks!
You are the BEST!

a real treat for muzik loverz.. | Reviewer: prateek | 1/23/2008

the song is really adorable....guys a must for all who fell famished for good muzik....the westlife is simply fantabulous....and these men r meant to be worshipped!!!!

Appreciations | Reviewer: Eric | 3/4/2007

I really want to say these guys are the best people and i wish u cuold send me a contact so i could contact them becuase singing have been my best hobby and their songs are reazlly good i can die for them.