The Greatest Band. | Reviewer: Jackielyn Williams | 10/27/07

Hi, my name is Jackielyn Williams. I'd like to say that Westlife has got alot of talent keeping people of all ages occupied listening happily. The band has a good tune and bben through alot, making great songs and this is only one of them.Westlife is currently one of my fav bands and i'm, personally picky with songs.

Keep it up Westlife. I really appreciate your songs and I never ever want to see your band go down.

From YOUR NO.1 FAN,Jackielyn Williams!!!!

The best | Reviewer: Donna Bassinder | 8/17/07

Well what can i say that song was fantastic there family and friends should be very proud of them but most of all they should be proud of there selfs. They have taken a lot of stick over the last few years but i'm glad to see they take it on the chin with songs like that i hope they keep going for a good few years yet. The writers of the song should be very proud that they have that sort of talent its one of the best song westlife have done so far lets hope they great tunes dont stop there and we have many more to listen to and enjoy... Well done guys...