i am gay | Reviewer: love gay | 7/19/14

hi WESTLIFE ! i am a guy from India. i am gay. i am happy too. i just love ma boyfriend! this is such an amazing song. i will always love him and be his boyfriend

inspiration | Reviewer: lessy madisha | 10/2/13

shane,mark,kian and nicky i love u guys u really inspired me. u rminded me of hw much i love my bf.he always makes mstke bt bcoz of de lv i hve 4 hm i 4give hm.thank u guys lv u aaa lot

Why do i luv u lyk i do | Reviewer: Cindy muthwa | 6/26/13

Hey guyz u rock my world the 1st tym i heard this song i wz lyk oh my god i wnt dic album nd my dad bght it 4 m nd i was so hppy 2 hv dis album, mmmh guys u're my enspiration lot of love mcwaaaaah:*

Lovesick puppy | Reviewer: Yvonne | 2/23/13

Every2nd of de day i think about you guys, you are rock and i love you somuch you song has touch so many people's heart even me i don't have a boyfriend but am willing to put those words into my heart i love you shane,kian mark and nicky, you are the best

Why do i love u | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/13

When i heard ds song a rainfall jst rushed dwn my face it touch me deep deep dwn whr no one knw it remindered hw painful it is to love some1 bt gota kip on smilling and tell the world that am fyn as d ong says westlife rock ma world and their songs are d food of ma soul

My Love For You Has No End... | Reviewer: Allen deSouza | 11/24/12

The first time I heard the song, tears rolled out of my eyes coz it reminded me of my Love (Committed to someone else bt Loves me from somewhere deep in heart). I Love her from the past 15 years nd I still n will always Love her. J______.
I wish you were Mine.....

Its just awesome blossom | Reviewer: Shamli | 3/26/12

Actually when i heard the song for da first time i felt vry sorry someone who loved me n i did the same thing wid him but it was for mah family
so I just wanna say that m really sry for doing this kind of stuff wid u

Why do i love you | Reviewer: Anita | 5/31/10

The first day i heard a song from westlife it was why do i love u,i was estonished to hear males singing like that,i just felt my tears falling out of the blue,and i asked my self why do i realy love these guys ,why do i lvo u rocks guys love u aaa lot i hope someday i will see u fro anita thinking of you shane,nicky,kian,mark

Good song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/07

Its a so good song.. and it's so nice to see the text here so i cut sing with!