Amazing | Reviewer: Carlos | 4/15/2008

Rugi Bega. If Westlife 'suck' so much, then why do you look up their lyrics? I mean.. seriously, get a life. If you think they suck, go look up some other band lyrics. Maybe you was just curious, but that's no need to give a bad comment. I know it's your opinion, but who sits there clicking and commenting on bands they don't like? SERIOUSLY. GROW UP AND GET A LIFE.

I love this song, I think it's amazing. Yeah, I like Bonnie Tyler's version aswell.. but I like

rugi besar | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/2007

This song i dedicate for sari...
cause dia originally like me, but she now like other boy, so aku kecewa besar!! and dia suka gay guy now and selalu makan sushi ama dia..
and that gay guy is fake! just copy , like this song, not original version.. im still the original and best! so walapun aku rugi bgt, SAri lebih rugi lagi cause just get the copy cat gay guy ... wkwakwakwakwakakwkakwakwkakwakwkak BTW Westlife sucks bgt..

NOUFEL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/2007

i dedicate this greath song to my friends; names: ilyas, noura, khadija, badia & amal, salwa, ..

total eclipse of the heart | Reviewer: junchris | 5/15/2007

no comments, all i can say is westlife is the best band of all generation

FAB | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/2007

This is better than the original version. It has more 'omph'.

hope u like it | Reviewer: Danielle | 4/26/2007

hi its me oo wrote the lyrics hope you like them lv ya danielle

great | Reviewer: xk | 2/24/2007

I heard this song from one of my friends and I love it so much. Great that I can have its lyrics.

like | Reviewer: blueblinkbaby | 2/11/2007

thank you for reviving this song. i hope it will come to top here in thailand.