Wonderfull | Reviewer: Sherley Samita | 9/30/11

Hi everybody , my name is Sherley . . I'm an Indonesian girl. .
I'm 16 years old. .
Every I listen this songs. .
My heart is so freezee. .
This song give me some lessons and learn from this song. .
And now I really understand what the means this song. . :)
For westlife make many songs like the rose. .
I really love westlife. .
I will wait for westlife at October , 5 2011 in Jakarta. .
I really hope you will bring the rose songs at your concert in d jakarta. . :p i will watching your concert at jakarta. . :d

The rose is da best song | Reviewer: Maria | 7/14/11

Hi westlife. im maria 17yrs from South Africa in limpopo province,at bela bela. would like 2 thank u 4 makin dis song,it means a lot n it touches me so much.evrytyme i listen 2 it with headset in ma ears i cry.anyway well done nd keep it up with ur good talent n wish u the best. Luv u westlife.

Gr8test boyband ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/11

Gr8 bigest fan eva...Meg 4rm Zambia.....I m dien 2 meet u guys Nicky,Shane,Mark,Kean u guys r the best my fav song z no more heroes it always move me 2 tears thnx 4 doin wat u do guys the rose z an amazingly beautiful expresive song I dnt even knw if dats corect english bt wat the heck.....

we need westlife in Nigeria | Reviewer: prince charles patrick | 6/2/11

hai westlife is ma dream s0ng! D fact is dat b4 i dnt knw hw 2 tok 2 a gurl bt eva since westlife bec0mes part of ma lyf, i av bn able 2 knw d ryt words 2 use 2 tok 2 ma gurl anytym we av pr0blm. N plz westlife we nid u here in our c0untry Nigeria. Plz c0me visit us here. TQ

You are the best! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/11

Hi, my name is Asteria, living in the Northern part of Namibia. I love Westlife, since I was young. I know most songs and they really improved my English. Thank you Westlife, cant wait for you to visit Namibia...

I love westlife | Reviewer: Helen Claire Hooper | 3/15/11

Hello Westlife My name is Helen Claire Hooper and i'm a massive fan of westlife. The Rose is my favourite song and it makes me cry. i have always loved and supported Westlife i haven't been very well this week and i love to meet westlife I will always love you and your'e the bestest band ever you made me feel right at home singing all your songs. please come and see me in Luton and i would love it if Shane hgave me a cuddle because he's my favourite westlifer and he's cute

love | Reviewer: fatima | 1/8/11

Hi to my friends I'm an Iranian girl,this is fatima who wants to know what is meant by" that drowns the tender reed".it is ABSOLUTELY and EXTREMELY moving & romantic love song.It reminds me of my friend.thank you westlife.

Amazing song | Reviewer: Sophie | 11/1/10

Hi everyone this is sophie and I'm 15 years old and I love westlife and the rose I think it is a beautiful song and it means alot to me and I think it does to everyone who has lost someone dear my mum died I didint think it would affect me this way thanks and comment as soon as you can

I LOVE IT | Reviewer: Emma | 9/11/10

OMG i love it this is the perfect song for me to sing at my big singing contest they asked for a song with touching lyrics very slow and romantic loving and beautifuk this is it omg i am sure of it that i am going to win thank you so much i love you guys oh boy IM SO EXCITED I HAVE TO PRACTICE!!!!!!!!

The best proposal i did by singing this song..... | Reviewer: manan patel | 8/26/10

i sung this song in mall event for my girl friend. She was shopping in some shop, she didn't know i was there and i came to stage of event to request a song for my girlfriend and they told me to sung by myself and i did. She got my voice and she run to me with tears in her eyes and got hug me in front of all......it was sooooo romantic, i dont care now if i die , even i maker her happy for entire life by dedicating this song to her.... :)

Concert | Reviewer: Manish | 8/31/09

Hey westlife. I am a student in india. Have been listening to your songs for last 4years.(i know that's not too long)i just watched '10yrs of westlife' at c.park. Man i wished that i could have been part of the ambience. Will i ever get to see ya guys in india or will i have to fly to ireland to see you.

a beautiful tribute | Reviewer: Carrie | 5/10/09

A close friend of mine's father died earlier this year and at the funeral this song was played along with photos of him and the family. It was so touching to have such a beautiful song as a tribute to a life gone to soon. Westlife truly made this song their own. beautiful.

windixie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/09

westlife songs are always nice to hear
but the rose im really touched by it..
a friend of mine recommended this song to me and other songs sung by westlife.....i can only say that the lyrics in this song reflect how i loOk and think of love......and hope as well
by windixie

Daisy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/08

when i first heard this song, i remember i had just gotten out of my broken heart stage and this song just really had my going on and on about the way i loved him and all that junk anyways!! i love this ong!

Brilliant | Reviewer: Kezzy Moraa | 12/12/08

Hi, I love the song, its just the kind of song that makes you think about life and its really beautiful. Im from Kenya and apart from athletics we do appreciate good music and this song is beautiful.