The rose | Reviewer: Bruce | 5/14/07

It's a simple and romentic song.
I'm Korean, but I enjoy to study English by pop.

my wedding | Reviewer: lisa | 5/3/07

I'M getting married on the 14th of May 07 to a brilliant man his name is robbie I love him very much he is my rock,my lover, and most of all he's my best friend, I can't wait to become man and wife and our friend will sing the "Rose" at our wedding I know there will be plenty of tears when the guest hear this song but it's our song for our day. By the way Wewtlife you were fab last saturday night in the point and the tears where falling when you sang the "Rose". Congrts to Nicky and Georgina, but Shane your little princess was asume on stage you are a very proud Daddy thanks lads for everything xx

the rose | Reviewer: Bodunwa steven | 3/1/07

when i heard the song,i moved straight into my silence,i visited the loneliness inside of secret space,cos deep in me,i'm homeles.often night i go to bed with the song on my memory,is like,i'm all out of love.i know is my destiny to live my life alone.thank you guys.

romantic | Reviewer: pauline | 2/28/07

syalooom name aline and i'm just want to tell u all that i like this song.really touches me...i 'm from bali indonesia...and i love u all.God Bless u.

Wassup | Reviewer: Demi Sciascia | 11/22/06

Kia Ora Westlfe,
My name is Demi and i'm just emailing you to let you know that I love your
song "The Rose". I thought I wuld just let you know that we sang this song at my old SChool 'St. Josephs MAori Girls College' in Napier (New Zealand).
This song really touches me. My Principal Miss Kingi(Georgina) will let you know more info just go on the net and type in(St. Josephs maori Girls College and you can email her from there or even ring her.I'm sure she'd be ecstatic to her that you sing the song that they sing.

Lots of Love