Fortune Ngema | Reviewer: Fortune Ngema | 7/8/14

Hi westlife my name is fortune ngema a 16 year old boy that is black in race and i live in kzn-melmoth.i just want to say that i love you guys so much because the songs you compose make me feel like i'm in heaven whereas i'm not.SHANE,MARK,BRYAN,NICKY and KIEN keep it up you're doing a great thing.

U rock ma world with ur tracks especially the "rose" | Reviewer: Clitone Phiri | 6/8/14

Hie guyz im Clitone,a malawian boy aged 20..i really luv your tracks coz they r the first tracks that made me to admire luv songs n memorize the lyrics,by now i'v memorised almost 3 albums my best of all z the "rose"

The Rose | Reviewer: Edger William | 2/4/14

hi wstlyf!
thnx 4 the message in d song,u gyz r realy talented.Wenever i listen 2 that song,it makes me nervous n jst want to love again; it a nice song n it will be my dedication ever.
Thnx fo d gud job,bt wen r u coming to Uganda?
its my dream 2 c u gyz in my country cz pipo thisway Loves u much n wud want to c u!!

inspires. | Reviewer: Ruky olatinwo | 1/14/14

Wow,...westlife u guys are talented.ur songs are rilly inspiring apart from gospel songs,am ur biggest fan eva.the rose in particular as rilly givin me definite definition for love.i must say u guys should keep on with ur good Gods Grace the sky will be ur startin poin.

U ar da rock guyz in most o4 ur lyrics | Reviewer: Fanelwa Hemia Gwala 4rm RSA in Randburg | 11/1/13

Hai!westlife i lav u guyz and i would 2 c u performing live at the Dome in Northgate or in Montecasino here in RSA,i've been listening 2 most o4 ur lyrics ever since i waz young and most o4 the timez when i listen 2 ur lyrics i get so inspired and they make my relationship so strong and they give me a strong lav 2 give my partner the he deserve.I LAV U GUYZ and keep up the work and i would 2 listen 2 more and new on ur lyrics.Big up 2 westlife.

I luv Westlife. | Reviewer: I am Isaac from Nigeria. | 9/5/13

In whole, there's no other musics that give me inspiration order than Christian music. Rose! What a wonderful music. It explain what is luv unto me and how to go over luv. It don't matter the stature one have. Either tall, medium or short. Either rice or poor. Either strong or wick. I comfirmed it within myself. Give rise to your love dears.

Big ups to ya | Reviewer: Charles Odiwuor | 8/11/13

Hi am Charles from the Western side of Kenya- Nyanza. Wat a wornderful defination of love. you guys drives me crazy- from the lyrics of your songs to the tone n rythm of the very songs they make me feel alive all over again. you are my best band and big ups to you.

I love westlife | Reviewer: Cnazo Nkunzi | 7/20/13

Oh my god i just dnt hav wordz 2 cay...i'm Cnazo from RSA in Eastern cape nd i'm a big fan of westlife music...1 of ma goals i wnt 2 reach is to see yu guys..,luvng u ol(drive all day take dat flight...becoz U ar de queens of ma heart)

Am crazy about u en your songs guys | Reviewer: Veroh mkhwanati | 2/17/13

Oh my world wat a song the real defination of love ...oh guys *mark brian, kian and shane* am so in love with u and your music your supa fan from RSA keep on sharing the massages an spreading the love big up 2 you guys love u al so so so much more

Oh Great! | Reviewer: Leshana Mion Stephan | 2/5/13

I really cried for a such a nice song I love this song everyone<"The Rose" is featured in the 1979 film of the same name, in which it was performed by Midler. The single peaked at #3 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart and #1 on the adult contemporary chart, and it was certified gold by the RIAA for over half a million copies sold.[1][2] McBroom won the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song, although she was not nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song.[3] Midler won the Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for "The Rose".[4]
There are two mixes of the song. The single mix features orchestration, while the version in the film (and on its soundtrack) includes an extended introduction while doing away with the orchestration in favor of piano-and-vocals only.>

Westlife | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/13

I'm 17 year old girl and ilive in mpumalanga at kahoyi.guyz you rock and alwyz inspired me wit your songs umake me people 2blv dat uwnt gv up easly in smthng that u love and these song give me the defination of love ilyk u guyz and iwish 2c u live wit my own 2 eyes ilvu guyz!! Big u2u westlife

The rose | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/13

Hi guys dis is mahlatse i am a 17 year old frm south africa at mpumalanga in embalenhle jst like 2 let u no dat i have a 6 years old brother who can sing all ur song nd dat u are a great insparation 2 me nd my brother we are so in love with ur music we love u guys a lot nd it will be a dream came true if u guys come 2 south africa even if it can be 1 concept .wish u guys many years 2 came pray 2 god 2 keep u save so dat u can keep on producing hit song always no dat my brother nd i are huge huge friends love u guys a lot

WESTLIFE! | Reviewer: Nadia | 1/19/13

westlife inspires me... greatest hits ever in history... i wasn't a fan of 'westlife' until a friend introduced me to them... since then, i'm like a number one fan... keep up the good work... i love you guys!

it touches my heart and soul... i hope the others find joy whenever they listen to you... just like i do... :)
and i do hope i get to attend one of your concerts... ... ...

(Nadia - 16 years old and i'm from Guyana)

happy | Reviewer: yasin | 11/20/12

i`am very happy to listen this song that expresses about thr teal love, and i feel in comfortable when i read the wordsm thanks for every body sharedin this sang, mmmmmaaaa
i`am palestinain

Love you westlife <3 | Reviewer: elham | 1/28/12

hi westlife,my name is elham and im from iran,i love you so so so much,your songs impressed me so much,i always listen to them i love you so much :X
unfortunetly we cant see your concerts in iran,maybe in the future and someday we your fans in iran will see you in iran,tanx so much westlife <3