love westlife | Reviewer: mark freak | 7/23/14

hieeeeeee i already posted a review for this song but I WANNA DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN...... Cause i love MARK SOOOOOO MUCH! IT seems many people love MARK... but i want him all for myself... maybe i will share MARK a little bit with Kevin,...

Love this song ever and forever | Reviewer: Hironya r boro | 7/14/14

I never gonna say good bye.. Oh god what a song that you've made .. I just dont get bored of listing this songs again and again.. Specialy when i text with my gf.. Its help to make love stronger .. Cos we dont wanna see our love sad..

love westlife | Reviewer: freak | 2/16/14

i sing this song to my GIRL FRIEND most of the time ...... i mean every word ... thankyou westlife for makin this somg popular . I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOO MUCH ! MY other friend heard us sing this song and asked me to teach it to her . i did . she sings the chorus well . ............ i love MARK A LOT ! ESPECIALLY WHEN HE SINGS THE BRIDGE I JUZ FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM ............ I LOVE MARCUS

Best song eva | Reviewer: Quizote Andrew | 11/26/13

It's a promising song filled with grt n tru luv,a song ur luver always wana hear 4rm u,a song dat drives d hrt crazy,each tym i sing diz song 2 ma gf,she feels xo horny dat shy wana jump n ryd on me dat moment

Amazingly relaxing song <3 | Reviewer: cjfv-karou | 8/23/13

Westlife is definitely my number 1 and ever wanted band of all time.. Whoaaa!!! everytime I hear their songs most especially this one "SWEAR IT AGAIN",IT REALLY FEELS LIKE i'm in heaven. I am totally in love with this song .... I <3 WESTLIFE

Great song with sentiments / Harriet / I love this song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/13

My bridemaids are going to march with the lyrics come December 29, 2013 on my wedding n B-Day.And I (the Bride )will march with "Flying Without Wings" selected by the groom to be.My feance sings it to me whenever we have good n bad times.We've really falling in love with your songs!

love! <3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/10

i love this song so much! its so amazing! i currently have an obsession with WOW the Group ( and they did a cover of it and its amazing! when i saw that they did it, i was so amazed because this song is amazing, and so are they so it was awesome! just thought id share!

this song is great | Reviewer: kadija | 9/17/09

i like mark he can sing the best to me ... he is so cute.. if i ever had a chance to see him n the rest of the crew i would atomatically go crazy ,, i jus love them .. omg i cant even think of any one esle but this crew westlife.. n best of all MARK

Great Song! | Reviewer: murna gilbert | 12/12/07

I love this song. There's hardly a day I don't sing it. The lyrics is simply one of the best one can find.

Whenever I sing it, I relish the memories it triggers. It's definitely a song your girlfriend would love to hear you sing to her, even though it's a little too promising -- "I'm never gonna treat you bad ..."

If you like this song, you would also like "Angel's Wings," also by WESTLIFE

i LOVE this song so much | Reviewer: katie | 10/23/07

i LOVE this song my bff gave it to me 4 my birthday!!! he is so sweet it is the best song in the WORLD!!!! i really thank him 4 this!!!!

i love this song | Reviewer: samanthaa | 3/9/07

the more I know of you, is the more I know I love you,
and the more that I'm sure I want you forever and ever more
and the more that you love me, the more that I know
oh that I'm never gonna let you go

amazing lyrics

very good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/07

i love this song it's very good i'm sure that there was a lot of buyers for this song