Adopted | Reviewer: Karina Sophia | 8/20/12

This song is adopted from someone -I forgot the name- from France language.
That song is about the wife that have soo many boyfriend, and he forgave her because the boyfriend is his friend.

"Goodbye to you, my trusted wife .....

... Just be careful, I'll be there ..."

I don't really know that song, maybe it's about suicide ? Oh, no way.

But when Westlife perform this song, song was changed to other word that we can proceed.

All I now is Westlife - the best ever. :)

oh yeah, the michelle is his daughter. See ?

big sadness behind the sunshine | Reviewer: Tracy | 8/11/12

This song sung by Westlife seems happier and warmer than other singers.But i felt that there was big sadness behind the happy sunshine.I don't know the meaning,but i really felt so.

The best song ever | Reviewer: Vrith meas | 8/2/12

This is my favorite song ever. Every time I listen to this song, I can imagine a story of this . It sometimes really makes me cry even I don't have any background relate to this song,but it's really a romantic song. West life , I love ur songs.

oh it reminds my mum | Reviewer: Buface | 6/14/12

This song is well sung though done for unusual happening.
When i do listen to it ,it makes me remember my beloved mum who has gone and left this world behind.In fact i loved my mum that i can't avoid treasuring her though she died some years ago.

our song | Reviewer: Emad | 3/6/12

this song is my favorite because my uncle and I used to listen to this song ,Two months ago he passed away.
this song made me cry countless times
May God bless your soul my beloved uncle

it makes me think of ma momy | Reviewer: admire tarasana | 12/18/11

I started to know this sòng on e 18th of december 2009 the same very day i have finished my advanced exams&3 days after ma momy has passed away.the song helped to cry ma dear momy even right now i listen the song in memory of her it makes me cry.....death

It's not a suicide song... | Reviewer: Chickadee | 10/13/11

This song isn't a suicide note, or a suicide song. It's a song about a man who is dying of a terminal illness and is saying goodbye to his loved ones...

'It's hard to dye, when all the birds are singing in the sky...." Doesn't sound like suicide to me...

Seasons in the sun,fabulous.fantastic,marvelous | Reviewer: Aravindhan Mudaliar | 3/8/11

Wow!!!!!!!!!Even i'm a kind of person who HATES english songs,but this song is my favourate amongst all. I'm a fan of all'kian,bryan.shane,mark and nicky'They are simply mind blowing.!!!!!!!!!!
This song is a song which has no words to describe its excellency.Seasons in the sun ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that why my neck name is SADNESSMAN | Reviewer: sadnessman | 12/9/10

It is the first song I heard when I missed my dad, a person his father died should not listen to the music, but, seasons in the sun, was the way to cry for missing my dad, for the time being and when I feel so sad, I am just sing the song to get back to my nature, It became (season in the sun)my father, mother, society and every thing to me

excited... | Reviewer: aie | 10/29/09

For all these time, I only know this song just now?! omG! im not kind of people who loves English songs before. But this song really mekes sense to me. Whatever the purpose of this song is, it means something for me that i only know.

My Dad. | Reviewer: Katie. | 10/5/09

When I was really young, I became close with this kind of music. My Dad would play it a lot on the car CD player. He was a big fan of '70s Rock, and still is, including songs like Renegade by Styx, which was My favorite song when I was a kid. It's My ringtone on his phone. =) I remember this being on a CD with Free Bird and Sister Golden Hair Surprise. It always made me upset, even when I was young, I always thought it was beautiful. I believe the sadness in this song speaks to everyone. I've always thought, however, that this song was sort of like a suicide letter.

I guess it's not a suicide not | Reviewer: D Monsen | 9/27/09

Been told that it was sung for a daughter knew that she will die soon because of cancer.
I think the guys need to re-read the lyrics and listen to the song once again with this new point of view :)
It's for Tery Jacks,, Westlife's is just a cover.

SUICIDE SONG???? I never thought that!... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/09

I was young when I first heard this song.. I always thought it was a song of a young man going off to war and felt he was never comming back.. back in the 60's and early 70's all us young men thought that one day we would have to go to war in Vietnam, so I guess it was just my mind set at that time that caused me to think this...


So weird.
His wife's name is Michelle.
He had been struggling with bi-polarism for half his life. (He was 36). He could always count on Michelle to help lift him up when he was down. But not this time. :( I had this song on an 8-track by Terry Jacks many years ago (telling my age), but I started hearing it in my head yesterday, so I searched for the lyrics. I haven't heard this song in a long time.
RIP Brian. You were loved and will be forever missed.

thought was a welfare song | Reviewer: susan mwaniki (kenya) | 9/19/08

Oh God all along i thought this was a welfare song but was suprised to know that it was a suicide note. Why in heaven could somebody decide to commit suicide?........... anyway Ilove westlife songs with a passion. I adore one of you guys but don know his name. Keep up