this song is the great one | Reviewer: Jonathan | 8/5/08

i like your song,"the seasons in the sun"its the great one in the other one you have yuo tried to teach me right from wrong too much wine and too much song.i'd like to sing like you.thaks
(but who's michelle???!!)

Suicide Note? | Reviewer: Sojo | 6/10/08

All the while I loved this song and I always thought this is just another farewell song until it suddenly dawned on me today that these youngsters in the song who sand were about to commit suicide. I was shocked to understand that this whole song is a suicide note. And from then on this song is haunting me...

Suicide Note? | Reviewer: Sojo | 6/10/08

All the while I used to love listening to the song because I loved the tune. may be I really did not listen well. But then, it suddenly dawned on me today that the guys in the song are about to commit suicide. It is a suicide note, my god. This song is haunting me ever since I had that realization....

oh please................... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/08

can you's a little history lesson:

"Seasons in the Sun" was a worldwide hit song for Terry Jacks in 1974. It was first released in the United States and Canada early in the year, and rose to number one in America by March 2. An earlier recording appeared on The Kingston Trio's 1963 album, Time to Think. The song had also been done by English band The Fortunes in 1968, and by Pearls Before Swine in 1970/71.

The song was based on "Le Moribond" ("The Dying Man"), written by Jacques Brel in 1961. Brel's song was translated into English by poet Rod McKuen and this version was first recorded by Bob Shane of the Kingston Trio, but it did not sell. The Beach Boys also recorded the song but it was never released.

luv all those guys n` big fans ..... | Reviewer: danny | 12/12/07

Thank U to heard for this lyris song. i luv to sing like them but my throath can't sing...just listen n` sing w/ silent mouth.Heuh`heuh`heuh`

where i contact those post forum. Pls. help me know.

Thanks. Big fan Westlife

Seasons in the sun | Reviewer: Kenny | 10/20/07

We had joy we had fun we had seasons in the but the hills we climbed were seasons out of them

well done | Reviewer: abiagil | 6/15/07

well done westlife i think your were and are great at singign and i love the song seasons in the sun. please write back love abi x x x x x x x x

Ear - Friendly Song! | Reviewer: Saumojit | 5/24/07

Good song. Pure and Soothing.
And Emotional too.

Rating 4.5 OUT OF 5

GREAT SONGS | Reviewer: philip | 5/3/07

Ineed to hear one of your album. It's really cool. could u pliz send one of u'r album on this address:
Josateki Erenavula,
P.O.BOX 7561,

hi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/05

I want you to send me one of your songs.MY address is
Chapel hill school, 185,

Great Song | Reviewer: Brooke | 2/10/05

I love your song, "Seasons in the sun", its beautiful, i think that you should sing more songs like that, cos it has a lot of meaning