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WE LOVE YOU GUYS | Reviewer: INNOCENT | 6/9/09

We have been your fan right from your first album. WE want you guys to know that we love and are proud of you guys. How we wish that you guys will send US your iterms. And will like to know more about you guys.From INNOCENT, JOHN, JOSEPH..........

fan of westlife | Reviewer: byan rosales | 5/15/09

i love westlife and my favorite on their five groups is brian mcfadden and but it dind'nt mean that i not love the other group of westlife i love two mark feehily,shane filan,kian egan,nicky byrne and in my school the westlife is so popular but it is only on my section and our babysitter love westlife too and i hope that you can read this westlife

westlife | Reviewer: eve | 4/30/09

shane,,,why u dont exist anymore...i realy2 love u guys... please come back again to indonesia for ur last consert..i beg u for give ur last album, i mean to upload ut songs to me..tnx we always love u

westlife rockZZZ!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/09

hi there,, i've always been a fan of westlife and infact i have the collection of their albums... im really really proud to say that westlife songs really touched my heart and for sure the million hearts of their fans too.... I will never get tird of supporting you guys!! u rocKKK,,...

almost fool | Reviewer: FLORENCE | 4/23/09

I am from myanmar.
I like WESTLIFE so much.My heart are beating with high speed while I am typing now.
And NICKY, I love you so much.when i am thinking about you,i am too happy.
Nicky I want you to know,there is a guy who is very crazy upon you.I always thinking about u in my bed.If you believe or not these are true.My greatest wish is that I want to see you.Sometimes I think, why you are so handsome and so attract to me. I never felt upon no one like but you.You really make me feel.I am sure, one day I will come to London and I'll see you.I want to be friend with you.
I love you always.Moreover,I cann't find the words how much I love you.
You are the brightest star in my heart,in my life, and in my world.

my idol forever.... | Reviewer: zeny | 4/15/09

your my idol since when i was young. i always sang your songs in video ok. specialy you mr. shane. i love you so much. regards to mark kian nicky and brian. i hope i see you in personal here in phillipenes. good luck more power & i love you westlife.... always:zeny

congrtulations | Reviewer: missy chane | 4/2/09

i like westlife group too and i'm very proud of it but i would likesome advices about making a song in the studio i like music and ihave songs too but i don't know how to publish them and i fear that no one will like them can i have some advices

I love you guys soooo much xx westlifee | Reviewer: Minxi | 3/7/09

Heyy Guyys i havee loved youu all so much from the start xx i am not famous for playing your songs everyday lol that is how uch you are loved xx my heart is sent in a different dirrection when i listen to youu guyys and no other band can re-place that xx myfavourite song shall bee non becausee i love them all so much i cant explain how much xx but i shall LAY MY LV ON YOU xx lovee youu guys forever annd ever

westlife_forever..!!!!! | Reviewer: charmaine dichoson | 1/27/09

hello westlife!!!!!!! dis is charmaine from Philippines,, for me ur the best group singers!!! i've been inspired by ur songs... i really appreciate all ur songs..!!! i'm hoping that someday i will meet u in PERSONAL..... i'm wishing u a gudlyf always,, and a SUCCESS IN ALL YOUR CARRERS..... may GOD guide us always....!!!!

shane | Reviewer: grace | 1/26/09

h! to westlife 'this is grace i wnat to thank to all of you cus all of you are special to me specially to SHANE STEVEN FILAN>i just want to say all of you ...........
i will always support you as long as i can...................................

My Love... | Reviewer: MAYA | 1/27/09

Hello Westlife this Maya from Indonesianlike Angel's Wings...But, All Out Of Love and What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted is nice too...Ehm, the others is nice too...Your song really touch my heart...I love all your songs...I'm speechless...You know, even I just 16 years old, I'm a song writer too...And I hope I can make a good song like your song, Westlife, Shane, Kian, Nicky, and Mark...I love

westlife u re the boom | Reviewer: joy | 12/20/08

i love all ur songs,they are so passionate.i love shane so much b/cos he has a very good voice and always serious.while bryan is always a playfull person and always smile all times i also love he.u all are good keep the good work going.

lamin | Reviewer: winnyunt | 12/16/08

hello! west life!
i am from Myanmar.
i like all songs and i always listen your songs
i don't understand all songs , but i like all songs
because your voice is so good.
i always be your parton
May you be in good health!
God bless to you!

My feeling | Reviewer: Thinh | 12/15/08

I 've loved Westlife since I was 10 years old.I'm a Vietnamese and It's hard for me to deeply understand the meaning of the songs.I love many songs but the song I like most may be "Don't say it too late" , I'm always looking forward to Westlife news and Album . I LOVE WESTLIFE .

i love you westlife | Reviewer: lauren | 11/17/08

heya i love you guys so much i such a big fan i love all your songs ive only been to one of your tours in cardiff but i hope there will be one next year and i will be going hehe. the song i love the most is flying without wings because it was my nans favourite song and i love it to bits. listening to you guys my heart just goes somewhere else hehe thank you for being such a fantastic band i would love to meet you guys so much shane, nicky, kian and mark i LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH lauren xxxxxxx

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