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Performed by Westlife

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the best love song | Reviewer: genc | 6/10/09

this is the best love song that i have heard in this days i know that is a old song but the people love your songs even in this days your super super cool.HEJ thes is your best song i think so.I'm from KOSOVA.

bab smiling lady | Reviewer: babra vihenda | 11/20/07

i love the all songs that weslife sang it makes me feel whole again and reminds me of my two nephews ashley and leon four years old who can sing the all songs of westlife wow.ilove westlife bye

my best song | Reviewer: Ahmed | 11/17/07

oh i love westlife so much and speical this song
it makes me want to cry cuz i love someone she is best girl in this world

love ya my girl

and thx westlife

... | Reviewer: MiMi! | 5/23/07

I love more than words!!!!

thanks for the lyrics!!!!!

02/21/2007 | Reviewer: afnan | 2/21/07

westlife is the best for ever and thanks for thes lyrics i love you westliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife

my kissing

cami | Reviewer: cami | 2/11/07

I love westlife and more than words!!!
bye kissesssssssss!!!!!

.. | Reviewer: thanna | 2/7/07

is good this song. :*
more than words ----> better song

i'm a cool guy | Reviewer: Taylor | 1/19/06

I like rock and pop music, my favorite singer is kelly Clarkson and i love the song more than words (its not form her) lol

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