PILIPINAS | Reviewer: PHILIPPINES | 3/25/14

HELO guix,,,im from philippines,,,i lov ol ur songs,,,and also u guix,,,very much dat til my last breath,,,hope u visit d philippines someday when ol of u r united again love u westlife,,,ur my #1 boy bnd n my heart olways and no one cn erase,,,,love ol of u mwuah,,,

love westlife | Reviewer: freak | 2/9/14

the first time i heard this song was during the xmas holidays and when i heard it i went crazy and i called my friend and screamed into the phone , BABY I AM LISTENIN TO IF I LET YOU GO ITS AWESOME!and later when i sang it to her she said i sung it really wonderfully and i felt really happy WESTLIFE , I WILL NEVER LET YOU GO

jhena | Reviewer: if i let you go | 9/18/13

i like the song and im sow very tuch beacuse my bf is my one and only love.. i listining the song every day and im 17 year's old for in tuch and in love in a 1 guy and in 1 song .. ilove this song and i love my bf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if i let you go | Reviewer: pretty | 8/7/13

hey guys my name is pretty Sinovuyo am from SOUTH AFRICA n i am going to be 18 tomorrow oh guy i just love your music it go to my heart wish i could see you guy face to face love your music and love you all

if i let u go | Reviewer: Ziyanda | 3/23/12

What can I say,I love love love all ur music guys,no day passed with out listening ur songs I start my everyday with westlife when I'm down I listen westlife and my 4yrs old son can sing "Moments"correct coz its his mum's favorite song,LOL

if i let you go. | Reviewer: fatou | 1/18/12

hello guys my name is fatou and i`m from The Gambia the smiling coast of Africa.i love all your songs i listing to them every day, i really like you guys so much.i thank westlife so much for making me feel good every day went i hear their song... bye.......

love from a distance | Reviewer: sunny | 5/25/11

well,I'm from China.I love westlife so much!《seasons in the sun》《soledad 》and 《if I let you go 》are my favorite.I think I can sing them very well....haha,,thank westlife so much for bringing me so much pleasure.

Inlove with westlife | Reviewer: Khutsisho charity | 4/27/11

M a gal of 19 years from south africa.i really love your songs guys and love you all too.i so hope and wish you would come perform in S.A.I wanna see you perform live.i won't stop listenin to westlife.let me just say 'till death do us apart'

if i let you go... | Reviewer: i am malaysian | 11/25/10

hi! i love all your songs...i'm hopping that you will make a concert in malaysia...I have all your music album....well..,almost all....i am a 13 years old girl...first my mother told me that you guys were very fantastic....i love you and your songs....I listen to your songs every day..can't skip 1 day....it's the best songs i've heard...it makes me cool.....llove u guys very much...bye........(^_^)...

if i let him go.. | Reviewer: aleks96 | 4/22/10

hmm...this song is so true "time pass away,and i cant get you off my mind...'but if i let him go he will never know how much he mean 2me..will i ever see he smiles back to me?maybe ne..so,i will never let him go..because i love him so muuch!!

great song | Reviewer: emma | 6/10/09

Hi everybody, my name is emma and i'm from argentina, buenos aires. i'm planning, when i finish school, to go study there to EEUU. love your culture, your music, your language, the places. this song helpped me a lot in my situation with my boy called Martin. i hope to see westlife live soon!

AWesome.............. | Reviewer: ankush | 10/13/07

Its such a nice song..i like everything..this song must keep singing...m getttin crazy on this song..i love it so muchhhhhhh..tht i cant expreesss

Hello, can you get me to Caleb! | Reviewer: Gisele | 3/19/07


if i let you go | Reviewer: momodou | 11/16/06

hi guys how are u people doing.hope u are all fine with one love and one heart.i love u people so much i am an 18 year old boy living in the gambia west africa,and i love listining to your misic everyday.i would like to here back from u guys.