love | Reviewer: angel | 2/25/14

s a great work done by Westlife! You owe a lot
to your fans.
Listening to this song makes me feel that
i love my bf more nd more
Awsm song....I dedicate this lovely song to my love u a lot baby....this is a song which I hear every day just remembring uh baby :*
Thanxx to eminen for such a wonderful song

i wanna grow old wt u | Reviewer: zoox. For lyf | 9/1/13

i realyt lyk west lyf music bt these one song its realy touching me,him nd i we use to sing ths song we chilling playing kul music .....i wl love to play it in our wedding verysoon us the distance doesnt mattr we love each othr dearly

This is the best song | Reviewer: Bubie Nguyen | 7/21/13

I'm really really like this song though i dont have a bf but i feel the feeling , the word of it. Certainly , i will play it in my wedding in the future :) and hope my husband will sing this song to me too :)

Lovely song | Reviewer: June | 3/15/13

Umm its a great work done by Westlife! You owe a lot to your fans.
Listening to this song sometimes makes me feel that i love it even more than i love my boyfriend!
We are gonna have have a long distance relationship soon and this song has helped me see the positive side of it! It gets a smile on my face everytime i listen to it and make me remember my love! (=
Love you loads champ, forever and for always!..

I want 2 dedicate ds s0ng 4 s0me1 | Reviewer: Vms chhangte | 1/23/13

dis s0ng is our favourate (me n ma bf) and alwys makes me cry espicially i rily like da 2nd stanza when i mss him. .i rily wanna gr0w old with ma bel0ving bf. . .itz a nice work n a hearty thnks 2 westlife

It's for you, Chris. | Reviewer: Cha | 10/10/12

I miss you, and if only we are not this apart, if only I could get in touch with you, I would love to sing this song to you over and over again everyday. really, I miss you and I will wait till I can finally tell you these words. I love you, today and tomorrow.

Touching | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/12

i guess ds s d most beatiful song i evr heard ,, i jst luv this song ,,ds s the song which makes us realize wot luv really s oll obt ... listen ds song reminds f sm1 bt dnt whom :p ... Gd work westlife

Amazing | Reviewer: kayt | 4/16/12

Awesome!!!this is the best song,means a lot for those who have finally found love.As for me listening to this track always leaves me in tears,it tearsmy heart to pieces as distance has teared my relationship apart instead of making our love go stronger.He will be in my heart as long as I live,i cant move on with my life i realy wish the words in this song could mean US.Weslife you are the best,this is the best track.

d mst touchable song ever.... | Reviewer: PiyusH.DadhicH007 | 11/8/11

yeah..... This is d song which makes me feel to tell her tht wht i feel for her.... Hw much i love her n miss her too nw ths v r hvng thousands of miles between each other....
I know she love me tooo but none out f us could gather this much gutzzz to tell ....
lovveee u swt hrt.... Will wait for u ever in mah life....n will b thr soon js aftr cmpltng mah ths profession.... Plzzz dnt frgt me n mah love.. :)

Westlife i wanna grow old with you | Reviewer: Rabin Rai | 9/30/11

This song is alaways my feb song in my life i want to dedicate this song spicially 4 my love Atma n my friend sweta who lives in Bhutan n my lovest sister sumi didi n Diechen N versha and all stundent of kalimpong collage n and all nepali guyes of kpg n darjeeling.9547554365....

I want to dedicate | Reviewer: Milena( Alexandria) | 5/11/11

i want to dedicate this song 2 my love Ruthlyn mah fb gf.i luv her and we broke up in last fb 7th.i was in hospital for 2 week doin B.S tests 2 find d reason 4 ma unending headaches & docs found tht im sufferi 4m brain tumor.i lied her tellin my mom in hospital and sayin more lies .she dnt knw my real name even.i broke her heart.i dnt want to ful her

i can't believe but it's true... | Reviewer: lady shulamite | 1/8/11

he wants to grow old with me:)someone really special just dedicated this song to me...i dont want to believe him...but through this song..i felt his sincerity...and soon...i will say to him that i want to grow old with him too:)

the best song i ever heard..... | Reviewer: Debayan(india) | 11/28/10

hello friend i am debayan from india and basically i am from a small town which is 60 km from kolkata..people think that we the people from small town dosnt have taste of anything.....but what i want to say is that i am the biggest fan of westlife among all u and as well as for this song...i use to hear it every day.....and each time i get attracted to this song more than i dont know....and also i have given this song to my love ''rashmita''
she also love to hear it ....and like it...
Great work westlife....thank u very much for presenting us this beautiful song to us......

loca! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/07

i love this song! its one of my favourite songs! i play it everyday! its makes me and my boyfriend believe in what we have!

i want to grow old with my love one | Reviewer: rose ann | 10/25/07

mazanting ya ing kantqang ini.. . .
makatouch ya. .
zana tumwa kung kayabe ke ing kaluguran ku. . .
ninu kaya ita?
zana iya na. . .