Reviews for I Lay My Love On You Lyrics

Performed by Westlife

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love westlife | Reviewer: freak | 2/9/14

sweetheart this is for you baby i wish i could do more for you everyday im trying to be a better friend i really am and when i hear you sing this song and the way you describe it i am blown away . westlife ! you are incomparable . i just wish BRIAN didnt go out of the band thanks for singing this song and touching many people's livez

westlife- the best of the best band | Reviewer: thanh | 11/6/09

thank u all nicky, shane, mark, kian, bryan. ur song is very good. i love it and listen it lots of times. but im never bored with ur song.thank u very much westlife. l love u all. ah, vietnameses like u all.

such a great song | Reviewer: cassie | 10/24/07

everytime i hear this song it reminds me of my boyfriend. describes everything im feeling.... wonder ful song by far one of my favorites!

I lay my love on you | Reviewer: valerie semexant | 10/2/07

i really love this song,when i'm listenning this song i close my eyes and think with my boyfriend.

fantastic sweet song | Reviewer: lucy | 2/22/07

its a very sweet song with a good message and i like it to my veins

Bloody Good Song | Reviewer: Joanna Holmes | 12/24/04

I think I LAY MY LOVE ON U is one of the best songs in the world. it relays all my feelings 4 my boyfriend with nissing anything

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