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Performed by Westlife

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my review | Reviewer: iced | 1/28/09

the best song eva!!! the 1st time i heard it on tv, i fell in love wif it, and i took the trouble of memorising the lyrics, the tune, (and the face of the lead singer in westlife) :) anyways, to cut an otherwise extremely long comment short, i love the song, and the band... :)

westlife the beast | Reviewer: puppyface667 | 12/5/07

this song reminds me of things and makes me think about my auntie when i heard it i nearly cried. i just love this it so much better when westlife sing than abba. oh there new song is just the best

I DEEPLY APPRECIATE THIS BAND | Reviewer: Racheal | 4/27/07

And when am low and think I'll never make it, this song restores all that I need and so much more to make me move on. Its a great inspiration at many times in my life coz its sang directly to my heart, spirit and soul and so are their many more songs. Keep on singing coz you keep most of us going. Love you!

great | Reviewer: annoynimous | 12/19/06

westlife are the best boy band ever and thay are great live i would really like to meet them for my birthday

l have a dream | Reviewer: caroline molokwu | 2/4/05

i want to enjoy it pls

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