LOVE SUCKS!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Samara | 7/10/07

this song makes me feel to cry everytime i hear it. people never know what they have until they lose it; they take advantage of the ones that are still sincerly sucks!!!!!!!

im the fool agaiin!!!! | Reviewer: Estefany | 7/6/07

well, these lyrics really make me think..
some guy break my heart, he told me he break with his ex girlfriend, and yesterday i knew that he is with his girlfriend yet!!!
so what da hell love sucks</3! single = happyness
well, be careful;) cuz im go out 4 fun, and break some hearts=)

Tis song is so grate.....!°° | Reviewer: Rebecca | 7/3/07

I like this song very well !
i'm a Westlife-fan and sing the songs all !
it's funny !

and this song --> fool again, is very nice !^^

Always there ... | Reviewer: Chrysler | 6/16/07

yes, I like Westlife very much ! I remember I have listend to it the first time when I was a high school's student . And now i'm a engineer, I play this song, the emotion comes around always like the first time .

i like this song | Reviewer: adil | 6/12/07

this song really fit my recently mood,it resonanced with my Thinking.i love this one.

Fool Again | Reviewer: Sasha | 6/9/07

Aye love All Yiir Songs But This Has Too Be thee Best But Aye Love Them All Thee Same Aye Wood Be n Heaven Ihff Aye Got Too Meet You
Love You Mark Bryan Kien Shane And Nicky

I LOVE IT!!!!!! | Reviewer: V-a-N-e | 5/7/07

Hi my name's Vanessa Vásquez, and this song is so nice....

Qeen of my heart | Reviewer: Joseph Ayettey Charway | 2/15/07

my name is joseph Ayettey Charway from Ghana. i like westlife and iwant you to send me ringtone from qeen of my heart.
secondely no mistike at fool again.
i will be happy to hear fom you.
thank you.