I waz a fool | Reviewer: Monwabisi gankonko | 2/27/12

This song remind m a gal leave m because of hr family, i waz in love wit dat gal, i never feel in love lyk dat befor, she promies m dat our love will never end, she say bilve m and trust m, then i waz a fool 2 trust hr and to bilve hr, nw i feel lyk im a fool, since i leave dat gal i never get ather gal, and im stil inlove wit hr, i call hr lovers and a nickname she's name is L E R A T O

I'm So Sad | Reviewer: Tommy John | 2/21/12

I'm just 14 and half years old.But I was fool in love.One day I found my
first love.she elder than me about 2 years or 3 years.One day I told my
friend to give my letter to her.She took it,so I thought that she love me.
But for few days later,she sent a later to me,about that she feel me nothing.I'm so sad

seema come to madhubani | Reviewer: harjeet | 1/9/12

ya i really fool again.an nri came from usa i have seen her and feel her attitude nature tha ifall in lov but its hard to say her because ialways fear to tak wit any girl she was the first and the last.i hope she felt lov inside of me.seema ilov u still.

Being private fool. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/2/11

This song get me crazy,i lovd a gal she was 4 yearz young 2 me,bt nw we brok up sinc i found out tht she was cheating,she has moved 2 anther place even wit 2day due 2 famly matterz,in tht tym she was always in me and wen i was informd tht she is no longer stayin in our city,i felt as if it was the end of my lyf

wanna westlife send lyric song to me | Reviewer: charity | 11/21/10

i wanna the westlife send the song lyrics to me some bcs i like westlife and wanna sing all songs from westlife group ,especially .the new new songs.thank u i hope u can help me with this .and i hope to see it on my e-mail.thanks.

he made me a fool and i didn't see it coming | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/10

this songs its really ayoba, and i love it, this song reminds me of my relationship with this guy and earlier this yr he went 2 Eastern Cape an he wasn't calling me as he used to and wen he came back i saw messages on his phone asking a gal to gve him a child and tellng ha tht she is da one and he is goin 2 marry her i was really hurt that and this song reminds me of tht and how foolish i was not to see this coming. Like da wordz '' i taught this love will never end how was i to know, u never told me'' keep up with the good work Westlife.

so sad | Reviewer: Ferby Wellness | 9/17/10

this song always remember me to my bf, when i was still young (16), he asked me if i want to learn love together with him. And i accept it. But when i call him , he say he is still in office, so i wait till 3 o'clock.
And one day, i followed him, i saw him kissing with another girl.....
He cheat in love.....

Being a fool again | Reviewer: Shardan | 8/18/10

I luv dis song so much 'coz it remind me about my boyfrd,who I'm in love with..but he leave the place to university and he changed his cel4n number.I never talk to him til now and I love him too much

middle school love | Reviewer: lovegirl | 8/11/10

This song always made me cry... I felt in love with a h.s kid and I was in middle school I loved him like I never did before it was very innocent tennege love that never came true and this song was playing for his h.s last reunion that I attended it was the best cause I absolute saw him cry even though I married to someone else I still think about those times and listen to this son once in a while.....

I miss my elementary school... | Reviewer: Monalisa Sael | 4/15/10

When I was in elementary school, I always sang this song. Then, when I was in high school, I prefer rock music. Now in this college, I like this song too much. It reminds me when I was as a kid that sang an adult song. But thats Ok!

Fool Me? | Reviewer: Stacy | 4/4/10

It's been a long time din listen to this song. But nowadays this song meant a lot to me... Y? Bcoz of my bf... Every single word in this song is singing about us. I know he lie a lot at me... And I found that all is getting over... I hope I can turn back the time..

fooling again | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/10

i always fool in someone else i try to keep my self inlove on her but he did not love me i always try 2 be strong but i cant wen i see someone else joining with him so my message for you just remember love is easy 2 get but hard 2 forget

foolish thing in my life | Reviewer: leah marcos | 3/4/10

/// the last time i spent my vacation in manila was so exciting cos' it was my 1st time to watch the live perfomance of westlife.. and guess what??? i'm so lucky coz they sing the song "fool again" and i was so happy that time;

Been a fool time and again | Reviewer: Debolina | 12/3/09

I once told this guy that my sister had a crush and he ended up telling me how he loved me so much..My sister made me go ahead and I entered in a relationship, where I began to love him with all my heart, only to realise that he was cheating on me, while all the while showing me off to his friends and in real getting hitched with a girl his parents had chosen for him. His friends had warned me many times but I was such a fool I could not believe he would hurt me ever. It was only when I saw the girl did I know what a fool I had been. All his friends are my buddies till date, and thankfully, I found someone else and today have a happy married life.

the music consoled me | Reviewer: ticia | 12/1/09

i love this song so much cos anytime i listen to it, it reminds me of a guy i helped to attended the university and after he finished, he told me i wasnt his idle woman, cos i am slim and he wants his idle woman to be fat. through the shock, i used this music to console myself and now i sing with joy always. thanks so much i expect more, infact i love your songs.