06/06/2013 | Reviewer: wz ful/Pelokazi Nocanda | 6/6/13

Dis song rmnd me of ma X bf I ws lv him so mch shring evrythng I hv wth him but ths yer thng were nt going gud I guess he ws cheating cz whn I col him he say his nt n da mud f toking nd he lstly told me dat hz no lngr lv me I stil dnt blv dat m a ful again bt I dnt cry 4him nd I hope he will realise dat he wz wrng he gave me tough lesson dat I won't 4get in ma lyf tnk u westlyf

fooled | Reviewer: peter kitheka | 6/3/13

i was a fool wan day when the trusted wan in my life changed her mind on our way to a party i was fully prepared but i had to pretend that on that party i was all alone, after the party i went back and decided to know wat was the problem to my suprise i found my best friend...............

cant believe i am losing him | Reviewer: nokx | 4/23/13

i never thought this day would come. He is giving up on me, he thinks i am cheating on him. There is nothing i cant secrifyse jus for him. I was never in real love, when someone would stand by you nomatter how wrong you are. But know where is it???? All gone, i jus cant believe i made him feel like a fool. I will always love you G.C

FOOLED TOO | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/13

It also happens in kenya, I was fooled too....after dating for almost one year i was told that we were nothing more than friends...and I had given all to this girl...she told me i was obsessed ,I should have seen it coming
I should've read the signs
I it's over..Can't believe that I was a fool again

I've been a fool 4 so long...... | Reviewer: minkyyyy | 4/4/13

when i listen to dis song i fil so sad evrytime because i never seen t cuming n he never gave me a chance. All he did he just left,i still dont believe that i'm a fool...he gav mi a touf lesson n i hope he wl realizd dat he waz totally wrong

fool again | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/13

tit for tat. i cheated a girl 4 yrs bak and fell for a gal who has cheated me now. life is really a great leveller.. mite b i got what i deserved.
someone from kolkata

distance betrayal because of education class. | Reviewer: newton mogaka | 3/15/13

i loved a gal xoo much. i could give everythn to her in regard 4 her love. bt education class made as different. we learnt n different universities. mie takin low grade certificate./
i lost her because she was in a class of riches n real cash.
truly am a fool to love again.

a second time .. painful experience 12.10.12 .. why me ??? | Reviewer: analiza racinez | 12/13/12

this happen .. bout my long time friend
i told him .. to leave me ..alone , para di ko na maramdaman ulit ang pain , cause of love

but he did'nt do that

i feel cheated and beated .. up with my friend .. the he and she friend .. and its really hurt

look up .. the chorus of the song

My first kgalagadi guy to date(Orapeleng Mothibi) | Reviewer: Oabona Tiny Bogodu | 11/9/12

i never thought it will end he was a very good undersatnding man to me,out of no way I recieved a message from him telling me that his hurt is somwhere else he dating a certain gal whom I have long complain about her but he denied ,still want him tho.I never expected that from him...this song its making me cry i satreted singing ti the first day after grieving aloss of my beloved man.I will always love him.but with me its different i have seen it coming,and read the signs,ignorant,defending and denial killed me,it was hard for me to believe what i just read.Hope he will come back...<3<3

Da guy i d8ted for 3yrz.9mnths | Reviewer: Palesa | 7/16/12

Da guy i d8td 4 3yrz.9mnths our reltnshp waz gud smtyms en whn we alwys hv prblm he jst decde 2 breakup en i'm da 1 hu must beg en try 2 fix evrthng,aftr i dd dt z whn he sy sri 2 m he ddnt mean 2 break ma heart.smtyms whn i lstn 2 dz song i c ma slf lyk i'm a fool.nw he breakup wf m 4 no reasnz en i du anthng 2 please hm bt he seemz dnt c dt.i reli luv dz guy wf al ma heart bt he dnt c dt.dz guy nym z Keabetswe Sibisi he live in Mothutlung in Mmakau(blck 7).nid advce

Why? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/12

This song remind me of my 2nd luv, I realy luvd him, gave him everythn he eva wnted, i really thought dat dis guy luvd me, until his g.f came 2 warn me 2 leave his b.f alone, EVEN NOW I CAN'T BELIEVE I WAS A FOOL AGAIN.

Fool again | Reviewer: Niley lagantao | 7/8/12

HI. Hmpf' dz s0ng remindz me on h0w i becAme fool 2 my 1st bf.i l0ved him buT i didnt feel hiz l0ved to me and it realy hurtz beaCauz i dIDNTrealy mean it or i jst iGn0re beCAUZE all i'm h0ping that s0meDay he'lL luV me 2 BuT I WAS mistaken becAuze he left me with0ut br0king me up and he f0und an0ther w0men who is older than hIM. I was realy hurtz,dEeply hurtz.

M fooled again n again | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/12

Wen i wz in ma middle of ma 10th std i dun noe weather i reli luv dat guy or itz ma crush...i trid a lt 2 shw him dat i reli luv him bt he jus...he jus usd me up n ma belief on guyz hav decrsd alt n jus 4 him 2 shw ma luv i lt hm do evry possble thng v hd dn evrythng bt stil m bng foold n he tld me dat he iz a bf of anthr gal...dun noe y i cnt stp him n sae dat i luv u alt cnt leave wid out u... i hope so wen i listn diz sng diz sng wuld remindz of him 2 me ...nw m 17th i wish til d age of ma marrig i culd gt him bck n marry wid him...

Fool again | Reviewer: Cnoh | 6/9/12

Ths song reminds m of a relationshp im in ryt nw i lv ma bf vry mch bt he seems nt 2 interestd on m bt whn t cums 2 sex he z whn i page hs i saw msgs cumin frm hs gf nd hr no is wrtten babc bt myn z nt savd

Want to say thank you anyway | Reviewer: Binh | 3/4/12

I and her learn at different school,a day i come to see my friend,i saw her,i dont know when i love her,her name is lily,we love eachother about 3 month,but i think our love last forever,she gave me everything,i very happy,i though have nothing change,i m trying for our love toomuch,but one day i never forget because that is valentine day,she made a sym ,i known she want to say good bye,i had crying,i know her wanted good for me,and still love me,about the time later she to tried contact to me,but after that i havent get feeling in you,im sorry you though i never forget and love you,now the time has past,i still call her,now i had a small family,i and her are still friends,i want to say thank you to her ,gave me the time to remember. when i listen this song i miss her,thank u -westlife