I'm fool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/09

I love this song a lot actually Im in loved with a guy who is not from my country or from our continent so I had to end our love coz of my family n now i dont know anything about him but i wanted to say i love him very n he will be always in my mind
Love u

hi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/09

hi. this song touches each and every heart of the people..this song is just beautiful.... i love listening time and again and this reminds me of my lost love ......i wish he could realize his mistake and come back to me.....

Amicable | Reviewer: Loveth Opurum | 11/13/09

i like this track cos it remains me of the past, when it comes to "i thought this love would never end how was i to know u never told me" yes he never told me until i realized that the love has ended by going back to his ex-girl.

im the fool once more | Reviewer: sinclaire | 11/10/09

loving seems like a foolish thing 2 do. all i got to hear from my man was how much he loved me,what i got 2 c was quite the opposite.i asked to see what i heard and then i cought him cheatin on me with some lady, realised it had been going on for sometime,i kept on forgiving,and just yesterday,he said he had never felt anything for me!!!

ya fool! | Reviewer: emaus | 10/6/09

she made me fool again and again..i know that, i couldnt stop that . but know i ve to start all over again and i know we will be missing each other for our future and there is nothing i can do about it. it is over , i guss and i know she will stay the best of mine , even beter than my wife i know.weew!

ahh! love or foolishness | Reviewer: sarah jane | 8/14/09

i have been married with grown up kids...but up to now i am still in love with my high school boyfriend who is also very much married... every time we saw each other seemed there's a an explainable magic that keeps the surroundings more lovable...i am always reminded of those awesome past days...this song plays a significant role...i am fool again and again and again...

Love is crazy!! | Reviewer: Milly! | 3/13/09

Ooh my!! I cannot believe that I am a fool again. My boyfriend has been in another relationship for quiet a long time when I was not aware. When I learnt of it he booted me and the way I loved him. I HATE HIM.
Oooh!! how I hate men. I dnt thing I will alow myself to be fooled again.

nostalgia | Reviewer: niaz_nissan | 11/1/08

fool again remind me my past life."the life that made me fool"still i m nt far from bieng a fool. its a continious feature of ma life.fool again is totally differnt song.i feel ma life inside this song.go ahead 'WESTLIFE'

I got it!!! | Reviewer: KK KNOW WAT U THINKIN | 10/25/08

This song just awesome i almost cry for two reasons.first it really happened to me,ma love like to hide me for de sake!!! second thing is that i can know y he really love this song so much cos it also happened to him de previous time,mean in his only got his ex-girlfriend,mayb m just a instead person for his scar:(

l am the fool again | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/08

well this song is awesume!when i hear it it remindes me myself and the boy who i had a crash but he really disapoint me because all that time he was playing with me althoug he apologize to me and i forgave him he strated again the same things i can't stand this anymore!!

hi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/07

hi..this song make me asad girl..there were we stand..he tell me..i love you..i fell that i can flying..and 2 years go..and he say..thanks to bilive me..but now i will say it..i was lying you ayou and please forgive me..what culd i do??

I LOVE IT!!!!!! | Reviewer: hasnabighrissen | 8/29/07

I like Westlife very much. this song is so nice and This is a great song....... i love it really i love you weslife

my another favorite song :jahid masud | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/07

a great song to hear from a great melodious group of singers....

Real shit that really happens in life | Reviewer: Rahiem | 8/7/07

Hell yeah.. the song just tickles since i was in college BUT no relevance whatsoever tho... i just like it

Great song on a great album | Reviewer: Danial | 7/11/07

This is a great song,.. so are, 'When you're looking like that', 'Against all Odds', 'Flying without wings' infact the entire cd is great.