Someday I’m going to fly, too… | Reviewer: Johnny | 11/28/07

Probably the most beautiful song that Westlife recorded. I like to listen to it in sad moments for that it makes me smile again and makes me trust in the good again. Thank you, Westlife!

Lazy sunday afternoon. :) | Reviewer: Beverley Smith | 11/9/07

it's only when you hear this song, you appreciate true music. The lyrics either want to make you laugh or cry.

P.s i found it in the face of my children!


Sarah Graham RIP | Reviewer: Paul | 10/29/07

This song was one of my ex girlfriends favorites & if i'm honest i never really rated it until i found out that she'd passed away at only 31 years of age last week. ''Its the little things that only i know'' When ever i hear it now i'll remember you Sarah. Sweet dreams. xx

amazing | Reviewer: burton | 7/16/07

i think thins song is amazing its the best westlife songs it has loads of meaning however when people listin to it, it means something different to them its a very special song ad i love it to bits i love westlife der amazing i dobt lyk the version with BoA she sort ov spoils the song it does not sound right the original any day and becasue she gets some of the lyrics rong it kills the mood of hte song the shivers stop!!! i love this song!!!


You can only truly like this song when you understand it.. | Reviewer: Spizzy | 7/13/07

This is the kind of song if it comes on the radio you just can't help but get goosebumps. The lyrics are true and deep. Esspecially if you know what the song means. And you have that special something. You can't help but think of them.
The opening just makes you sigh and smile. At least thats how I felt. <3<3<3 much love.

WESTLIFE!!! | Reviewer: Bryan renz | 6/29/07

Hey westlife its good that you make this band it was ssssoooooooooooo nice everyime i open my computer my background is westlife then i open youtube i watch westlife Bryan and me Bryan are the same name hehehe make more songs westlife no. 1 no. 1 no.1 whooooooooooooo!!!!!!

SO LOVELY | Reviewer: alleyn | 4/27/07


I love BoA! | Reviewer: Safa | 2/14/07

I love and always loved BoA and if I didnt know BoA I would never know Westlife and I personally think the song with BoA in it is better than the original song!

I liked it but ... | Reviewer: Lizzie | 5/28/06

I thought this song was good ... but I'm not sure I like BoA & Westlife together. It seems like they have two different styles of singing & types of voice. BoA's off key a bunch of times too ...

I like this song very much ,I think it very good,let me feel happy. | Reviewer: Summerla | 4/18/06

I like this song very much ,I think it very good,let me feel happy

flying without wings, i can | Reviewer: JOANNE | 10/18/05

westlife and BoA sing well together except for the fact that BoA sang some words wrong. They co-ordinate well and the result is very pleasant and soothing.