cellah#410m4l4g4 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/10

this is soooo one of the best to me because it brings back memories of all my family, freinds but especially my love ones in samoan, i love the words of this song and it's my favourite band..love westlife.

Thank you | Reviewer: Hasiko | 10/10/09

Thank to this group.You are great and yiur song to.I think you have done a great jobe.I love this song.It is a great song.I just want to say from all of my heart thank you.Your song helped me to find out that I want from life....THANKS

amazing super.. | Reviewer: grace | 10/2/09

this is my favorite song in the whol wide universe,,it's just...there's something in it that you wont get easily bored to listen...even if i play it trillion times i wont get tired and bored of it...!!!

amazing,amazing,amazing! | Reviewer: victor oluoch-nairobi | 8/14/09

honestly,av never quite felt a thing for westlife,but this song is angelic..at last westlife have touched my heart!a thought provoking,inspiring song this is! infact av listened it a thousand times and each time i play it, it sounds better,fresher,newer! i dont like the BoA version..its off everything!

those are the things that only i know | Reviewer: star_0902003@yahoo.com | 7/3/09

i love this song especially the part - well, for me its waking up beside you,
to watch the sunrise on your face,to know that i can say i love you in any given time for place...i know i'll be waking up beside the one that i love soon. i listen to this song every morning and it helps brighten my day. thanks westlife. i hope they will have more albums soon..

amazing!! | Reviewer: Lorraine | 5/17/09

in my opinion this is the best song in the whole entire universe!! it makes me stronger every time i listen to it, it makes me happy, thoughtful, inspired...wow, what can i say... simply the best!!! =)

amazing life | Reviewer: hang_vietnamese | 10/28/08

i love this song . i love all of these sentences. you know, when i come to my school by bus, see the sight by and by and listen this song: some find it in the face of their children, some find it in their lover eyes... so it's really exciting when i find "that special things" and may be you'll see the flying without wings!!!

That's wht love does!!! | Reviewer: Thandeka | 10/26/08

For me is waking up beside u, 2 watch the sunrise on ur face, 2 knw tht i can say i love u...the little thngs tht ONLY I KNW...it's like flying without wings cos U'RE MY SPECIAL THNG, i'm flying without wings and THTS DA JOY U BRING-I'M FLYING WITHOUT WINGS...always give me hope tht one day i will find tht special person who i'll be so madly inlove wth tht i'll be flying without wings!!! WELL DONE WESTLIFE!

i luv the song! | Reviewer: mae | 9/7/08

OMG!!! i really luv dis song...!!! i've been listening with this for 7 times this night and i've known this song long tym ago. It's like every time i listen to it, d message still lives on d song & still makes my heart warm.... very much wonderful!

Bring back memories!!!... | Reviewer: P3r3nis3 | 8/31/08

every time i hear this song,it brings back memories of all my LOVE ones that passed away...especially my FATHER...he passed away wen i was 10 years old. but rite now im 17 and every time i hear dis song...i nO dat all my LOVE ones dat passed away especially my DAD r dea 2 lift meh up high..and dats y!!...im flying without wings!!!...(LOVE MEH)

touching | Reviewer: farai | 1/13/08

i can't imagine any other artiste or group doing better than this .thank u westlife for this ever-inspiring song .we love u guys!

OMG | Reviewer: Laydii-H | 1/13/08

I Luv Dis Song So Much I Always Sing It Then My Mum Tells Me To Shut Up
I Hadn't Really Heard The Song Much Before Westlife Were On Itv A Few Saturdays Ago, They Were On Before The X Factor Final And Flying Without Wings Was The Viewers Fav Choice I Have To Agree The Song Is Amazing.
Everytime You Like Feel Low Or Summat The Song Always Picks You Up.
Mark Sounds Amazin In It, The Best Ever Westlife Song.

The Most Gorgeous Song Ever! | Reviewer: Meagan | 1/2/08

My most favourite song by far! It helped me through a bad patch in my life by making me smile and wanting to get on with my life. My favourite line is when Mark's gorgeous voice sings "And it's like flying without wings, cos ur my special thing" , makes me cry everytime. I watched hime perform that song live in February and fell apart. i hope that everyone that listens to it, gets their own "special thing" meaning from it!

i found that special thing | Reviewer: nebu | 12/28/07

wonderful song -- i knew it would be awesome just by listening to the first few sentences. they're so meaning ful.

westlife rocks...

I love this song | Reviewer: kate | 12/8/07

I loved this song when westlife sang it but when westlife's Brain Mcfadden and his fiancee Delta Goodrem sang it together was just out of this world beautiful. This is a song that you can just listen to over and over again.